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11 Trending Pets On Instagram

A menswear dog, a cat named after Andy Warhol, and more.
11 Trending Pets On Instagram A menswear dog, a cat named after Andy Warhol, and more.

 Not only humans have the capabilities to go viral.  In recent years, animals have taken over feeds everywhere with their crazy antics and downright cuteness. Here are 10 animals that have brought their own unique sense of style and irresistible charm to our Instagram feeds.

1. Norm the Pug

Norm the Pug’s owner, Jeremy Veach, is a professional photographer who has documented every single day of Norm’s precious life since he adopted the pup at eight weeks old. Now, Norm has become an Instagram superstar with selfies garnering constant 6-digit likes!


2. Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog is the prime example of how a man should dress. With looks ranging from the casual beanie and sweater to a complete suit-and-tie steeze Justin Timberlake would be jealous of, this ol’ dog shows it’s never too late to learn new tricks. To top it off, this classy pooch has just released his own book called “The New Classics,” now available worldwide.



3. Otter the Pit Bull

Otter is a rescue dog currently residing in Philly where his proclaimed “ridiculousness” and “fashion” have made him Instagram famous. His Facebook page, which has over 2,000 likes, describes him as the “happiest dog alive.”


4. Darcy the Hedgehog

Darcy the Hedgehog currently resides in Tokyo, Japan, with her beloved owner, Shota Tsukamoto. After Tsukamoto’s Instagram filled with photographs she’d taken of Darcy gained a huge following, she successfully published a book compiling all the photographs that made the spiky mammal Insta-famous. Fun fact: Darcy was named after the Smashing Pumpkins member, D’arcy Wretzky.


5. Sam Has Eyebrows

Sam is a purely white cat with two spots on his forehead that resemble eyebrows. He was previously a stray until his present family found him in a space in between two houses. After he refused to eat or drink anything for four days, the family took him in, named him Sam after Andy Warhol’s cat, and changed his life forever.

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6. Bunny Mama

“Bunny Mama” is the proud mother of four adorable bunnies Rambo, Olive, Eddy and Marbles, four rescue bunnies from Vancouver, Canada. Their Bunny Mama documents the four bunnies, or as she calls them “the Fantastic Four,” on her Instagram as well as a website that aims to educate others on proper rabbit care and urge the public to adopt from a shelter or a rescue, rather than buy and breed their pets.


7. Momo the Border Collie

Momo is the mischievously adorable dog of Andrew Knapp, a professional photographer. Knapp documents his adventures with Momo on his Instagram, even engaging his viewers with a game of “hide and seek” where they try and spot Momo in a picture. All the photographs in the Find Momo series have been compiled into a book.


8. BuBu the Chinchilla

BuBu is a seven year old chinchilla from Singapore. Her cute and bubbly Instagram features her with tiny clothes, furniture sets, even luggage! She has since gained a chinchi-legion of fans who adore her and her miniature lifestyle.



9. Priscilla and Poppleton the Pigs

Step aside, Babe, there are new pigs in town. Residing in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida are Priscilla and Poppleton, two of the most fabulous pigs in the entire world. Aside from achieving Instagram fame, these posh piggies have an online clothing store with their faces printed on t-shirts! We’re reminded of Brittany Murphy’s pet in Uptown Girls, bless her soul.


10. Booboo and friends

Owned by 23-year old budding photographer Megan van der Elst, Booboo (and friends) have steadily become popular since van der Elst began posting beautiful and artistic photographs of them on Instagram. Booboo and friends, as well as their owner, currently reside in the Netherlands.


11. Rincon the Rescue Dog

Rincon is a rescue dog that was adopted by male model, Julian Schratter. Now with his own viral Instagram page – with frequent visits from both his male model owner and his male model friends, Rincon is making a name for himself in the modelling business. To top it off, the pup even has his own official modelling page!


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