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10 Ways You’re Ruining Your Clothes

You’re washing and storing your clothes all wrong.
10 Ways You’re Ruining Your Clothes
You’re washing and storing your clothes all wrong.

No one would admit considering themselves reckless with their possessions, but you’re probably making these mistakes unconsciously. Ever wonder why you had to toss your favorite boots or cashmere sweater sooner than its eventual wear and tear? Such a waste! So to get more bang for your buck, here are 10 classic ways you’re ruining your stuff plus tips on how to keep them in tip-top shape!

1. You fold your leather.

We know it’s irritating when you get creases on your leather apparel. Plus, we all know you’re not supposed to iron leather, and taking the wrinkles out of your favorite piece takes forever! So to avoid wrinkling, place them in a hanger with cushioned metal clips to avoid dents.

2. You use plastic or wire hangers for delicate fabric.


See those little raised bumps on the shoulder area of your cashmere, silk, or mesh clothes? You get those by using a plastic or wire hanger, and in time those bumps can lead to holes. Either invest in a few wooden or felt hangers, or just keep those articles of clothing neatly folded.

3. You forget to spritz protective spray on your shoes.


Spritzing your leather boots with some protective spray will prevent cracking, discoloration, and staining in the long run.

4. You don’t use dust bags for your bags.

Store your bags in the dust bags that come with them to avoid accidental scratching. This also applies to your strappy bags. Don’t just hang them when not in use as this will cause them to droop and ruin its structure.

5. You overwear your delicates.

While it’s okay to wear the same bra consecutively, it’s better that you have a bra rotation instead. Give some room for your bra to adjust in between washing and wearing.

6. You wash your clothes in hot water.


Shrinkage happens when clothes are exposed to high temperatures. So always read the label to avoid a snugger fit after washing. But just to be safe, wash and dry your clothes on the cold setting.

7. You throw your intimates in the washer.

Though some machines have a delicates option, it’s still best to hand wash your intimates with cold water and mild detergent. Save your delicate lace from ripping inside the washer. Additionally, don’t iron them, just leave them to air dry as ironing can leave unwanted marks if you’re not careful enough.


8. You dry-clean too much.

If your garment label says “dry clean” instead of “dry clean only,” you can hand-wash it and skip sending it out to be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning involves applying harsh chemicals on your clothes, and when done too often will cause fibers to break down and discolor fabric.

9. You forget to fasten buttons and hooks, zip pants, and turn your jeans inside out.


It’s a small gesture but it will save you the horror of having holes in your other clothes that were caused by your buttons or zippers getting snagged in the wash. Moreover, turn your jeans inside out to prevent them from fading.

10. You leave your clothes inside garment bags

Again, it’s a tiny task often overlooked. Once you get your clothes from the dry cleaners, the obvious thing to do is to store them right away, still in the plastic bags. But the right thing to do is to take them out of the bag first as the plastic can trap humidity and odors. Let the fabric breathe for a few days before storing them in proper garment bags.