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10 Ways to Pull Off the Extra-Long-Sleeves Trend in Real Life

It's possible!
10 Ways to Pull Off the Extra-Long-Sleeves Trend in Real Life
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It's possible!

Look ma, no hands! In case you hadn't already noticed, 2017 is the year of over-exaggerated sweater paws. If you're keen on getting used to life sans fingers, let us fill you in on 10 chic ways you can make it through the week hands-free.

1. Cinch your wrist with a watch

...or a bracelet, if that's to your taste! Much like the idea of a belt for your jeans, a watch keeps your sleeve in place and keeps it from getting in the way of things. Margaret Zhang demonstrates.

2. Go for a structured cuff.

The more loose n' flowy, the more likely it'll accidentally fall into that bowl of red-sauced pasta you're about to eat (yikes), so keep 'em compact! Yoyo Cao's fuzzy yellow Coach jacket is a punchy option.

3. Pick a foldable option.

For emergencies! You never know when you'll actually need both hands—pick something that will look just as cool hitched up as it does slouched well over your knuckles. 


4. Wrap with ribbons.

A dainty styling trick: You can go for similarly-hued bows or switch things up with a length in a crazy color. Preview's Daryl Chang stays sleek in crisp, head-to-toe ivory!

5. Try a simple white shirt version.

It's versatile, and when the trend fades, you'll still be able to wear your investment piece. Points for practicality.

6. Buy one in a dark color.

If (like this author) you're hopelessly clumsy and the prospect of stains is an inevitable reality, minimize the damage by picking a hue that won't show any incriminating wine spills as much. Oops.

7. A denim jacket is always versatile!

Linda Tol's is adorable—we're ogling that floral applique detail!—but a plain version will do, too.

8. Bare some skin to balance the volume out.

Take a cue from Liz Uy and show those collarbones! Another option would be to flaunt some leg.

9. Pair with your favorite basic closet staples.


This one's a no-brainer, but you may need some reminding: try out as many wacky trends you like, but remember to be yourself! Your wardrobe mainstays (like that favorite black pencil skirt) are around for a reason.

10. When all alse fails, jeans and a statement shoe won't!

Don't know what to put on? Throw on some on-trend frayed wide-leg jeans and a bright shoe—preferably in a color that matches the accent on your top. Gotta love some subtle coordination!


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