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10 Ways To Score A Fashion Girl, Care Of Ryan Gosling

Be better than the Gap.
10 Ways To Score A Fashion Girl, Care Of Ryan Gosling Be better than the Gap.

With their perfectly curated Instagram feeds, IG hearts-worthy OOTDs, and ability to roll designer names off their tongues, fashion girls may be a little intimidating to guys. But if you really like her, scroll down for a few tips on how to get the girl with a little help from Ryan Gosling, that golden suit monster.

1. Be better than the Gap.

We know you love your laid back shirt and shorts, hey, she loves her denim cutoffs, too. But when necessary, say a date night or meeting the parentals, she will appreciate the effort to look cute for her. The goal is to get her to think you're a better boy than, well, her favorite Chanel Boy

2. Join her at Fashion Week.


Whether she’s a magazine editor or a street style chick photographers can't get enough of, being fashionable gets her invites ranging from fashion shows and store openings to VIP parties. It can get boring, especially when they start discussing how sad they are about the closing of Marc by Marc Jacobs, but the idea that you're confident enough to join her while also looking the part will score you pogi points.

3. Feed her.

Fashion girls eat! Do not assume she prefers salad over pizza just because she can bare her midriff. When you invite her to eat out (key word is eat), take her somewhere with really good food, doesn't have to be swanky all the time. Just make sure you tell her at least the type of dining situation so that she can dress appropriately. 

4. Let her wear what she wants.


Don't tell her what she can or cannot wear.  She probably wouldn’t listen to you anyway. Give her nice compliments instead. All girls like that.

5. Don't compete with her work.

Fashion girls are workaholics, and that’s a fact. "So much to do with so little time" defines her daily grind so cut her some slack when you miss your movie because her photo shoot ended later than expected. 

6. Respect her passion for fashion.

She doesn’t expect you to keep up with all the hard-to-pronounce labels and the newest trends; but never, ever make her feel that fashion is a waste of time. Also, you can expect that she will, one way or another, meddle with you when it comes to YOUR outfit choices. Which is why, number seven matters. 


7. Go shopping with her.

It’s her favorite past time, might as well join her when she’s in her best mood. Be prepared to endure hours of store or even mall hopping and ask her for fashion advice, she would sooo love to help. 

8. Learn something new…like photography.

Your future travels as a pair won’t be all about cheesy moments, that's not her thing. You have to understand, if you end up together, her travel OOTD posts (in which she spent days planning the looks for each day) will now be solely dependent on your photography skills. We don't mean to pressure you. 


9. Make her a playlist.

We mean a fashion playlist, something to make her feel like she's on the runway - like this.

10. Love her becky friends as much as she loves them.

With the industry she's in, she is surrounded by her stylish gay friends, all day, everyday. Charm them the same way you're charming her. They can smell good men a mile away meaning if you fail at this task, you might as well forget numbers one to nine. 

Our tips still stressing you out? Maybe it's best if you Don't Date A Fashion Girl