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10 Travel OOTD Tips You Can Pick Up From Laureen Uy

Make your travel posts extra IG-worthy.
10 Travel OOTD Tips You Can Pick Up From Laureen Uy Make your travel posts extra IG-worthy.

Heading to a trendy tropical destination or winter wonderland over the holidays? Get OOTD inspo from the reigning queen of the local blogosphere, Laureen Uy. You only need to check out her blog, Break My Style, or browse through her IG posts tagged #BMStravels to pick up a few tricks on how to make your travel photos extra Instagrammable.

Below, a few examples:

1. First things first: lighting is everything.

Good lighting lets you set the mood of your photo, and with it, you can best showcase the elements of your ensemble. It's also especially important when you barely have any makeup on!

2. After lighting, the second most important lesson is finding the right frame.

Every prime travel destination has cultural heritage sites like this one in Bangkok, and the elaborate architectural details of temples, palaces, and ruins can drown you in a photo (especially if you’re clad in a boho chic dress like what Laureen is wearing). Look for a solid frame like that red door, so you can showcase the beauty of the place without compromising your OOTD.


3. Have at least one black number.

An LBD will always be a no-fail choice in any occasion or travel plan, especially if it’s a business trip.

4. When looking for OOTD spots, always think outside the box.

So, you know, don’t be afraid to take that perfect "Am I walking casually enough for you?" pose in the middle of a pedestrian lane. Just be careful not to get hit by a cab!

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5. Sparkles are a great way to spice up your monochromes.

That, and the animated LED lights or billboards in central districts—like Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.

6. Be on the lookout for interesting graffiti walls.

Establishments with ornate decals will work well as a backdrop, too.

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7. Wearing something “conservative” won’t automatically make you look like a tita.

Some sacred places in other countries will require you to dress appropriately. Can’t wear your minis? A printed midi skirt in bold colors did the trick for Laureen when she strolled around Jerusalem’s streets. 

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8. Beach trips call for cute props!

Laureen's printed beach towel gave more character to her classic, all-black bikini.

9. Remember that nothing ruins an OOTD better than an ugly tote and your ratty old gym bag.

Invest in a sturdy duffel bag that’s not only roomy but also a total eye candy.

10. Or, be creative in refurbishing your old travel bags.

These quirky printed covers will come in handy to protect your luggage from scratches and from thieves. (These might even be able to prevent you from falling prey to the laglag-bala scam!)

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