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10 Transgender Women That Are Changing The Face Of Beauty

All true-blue Preview girls.
10 Transgender Women That Are Changing The Face Of Beauty All true-blue Preview girls.

Raising the LGBT flag high and proud are these ten stylish TransWomen, so inspiringly beautiful, they pave the way for the celebration of human diversity in this millennial age. Beauty queens, writers, performers, advocates—these women are not only flawless with a capital F, they are also overachievers, all successful in their own right. Meet them through an editorial from Preview’s Dec 2014 issue below. We must warn you though, their beauty, crop tops, and ab game are so strong, your self-esteem might drop to an all-time low...

The Beauty Queen: Kevin Balot


“It’s my dream to be a real girl”

In a country where beauty pageants and boxing matches turn into pseudo holidays, bringing home the crown is a pretty big and impressive deal. Kevin joined the ranks of Gloria Diaz, Miriam Quiambao, and Megan Young when she won the Miss International Queen in 2012. She also knows how to nail a fiery red lip, natch.

Model advocate: Geena Rocero

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“I love being a woman”

You’ve probably seen her strutting her stuff at last year’s Bench Underwear show, but more than being a model, Geena is an advocate who formed Gender Proud, an advocacy that aims to push the agenda for a progressive gender marker policy. Now that’s our definition of a bad ass woman.

The Stylist: Margaux Medina 


“There [are trans women in] a variety of professions: lawyers, stylists and some work in the government. nakaka-proud”

If you’re a becky or a becky at heart , then you probably listen to the hilarious and extremely entertaining podcasts of Becky Nights. Divine Lee may be the Queen Becky, but the show wouldn’t be complete without Margaux’s overflowing wit and candor. You can also refer to her as the stylist with the 'big hair, don’t care' attitude.

Comedians Anton Diva and Mavey Cleopas


“I want the younger people like me to be more presentable and and respectful to others so that in turn they will be respeceted”-Mavey

If there’s something transgenders have in common, it would have to be the fact that they are all gifted with smart mouths that just watching them talk is pure entertainment. Aside from their expert comedic timing and impersonations, Anton and Mavey turned their love for Asia’s songbird, Regine Velasquez, into careers that eventually bloomed into a friendship with the singer. They can belt out tunes, alright, but they’re anything but divas.

The Designer: Jaz Cerezo


“I’m born different but I can make a good life for myself”

A truly talented designer, one whose collection we honestly await at fashion week, Jaz understands the female body probably more than most female designers do. She considers fashion as a form of expression, both in making clothes and putting together a look.

Writer: G3 San Diego


“Milestones in my career make me proud not just as a transgender, but as a person and a functioning and contributing member of society”

Born to be a part of the showbiz industry, G3 who constantly rubs elbows with the country’s hottest celebrities could very well be in front of the camera if she decided to. Instead, she chose to be a writer, a good one at that who writes not only for high-rating TV shows, but also for her lifestyle blog, and sometimes even for Preview.

The Personality: Xtina Superstar


“Many people think that we are just guys dressed in women’s clothing…when in reality it is not”

You’ve probably seen her in various magazine editorials, DJ-ing at the hottest bars, and with her thousands of followers, she's probably more popular than most demi-celebs. 

Drag Queen: Katkat Dasalla


“A little respect would be nice.”

Last December, Katkat made our jaws drop when she transformed into Ariana Grande at the Preview Christmas event at O bar. But that’s only one trick in her bag of goods. Also blessed with an uhmazing body some of us can only dream of, Katkat is a real talent who deserves all the attention and a big break.

The Queen: Francine Garcia


“Article 3 section 1 of the 1987 Philippine constitution states that no man shall be deprived from his pursuit of life, liberty, property, and perpetuity without due process of law” 

That was Francine’s winning answer in Eat Bulaga’s “ Super Sireyna”, the beauty pageant that essentially catapulted her career. They did say that beauty queens are made of beauty and brains, right ?

Editorial from Preview Magazine Dec2014-Jan2015, shot by BJ Pascual 

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