10 Things You Didn't Know About Derek Ramsay StyleBible Preview
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Derek Ramsay

He doesn’t cry over breakups and he is obsessed with denim.
10 Things You Didn't Know About Derek Ramsay

Last October 21, Lee Jeans launched Lee 101+, the heritage line that started from the first ever pair of denim designed with a zip-fly. While this collection of carefully crafted denim stays true to its history by its attention to detail, it is also made more modern and premium by a more studied and technical construction and finished in specially selected fabrics.  

Special features for the 101+ line include back pockets with a twisted “x” to form a “+” to mimic the label; the copper doughnut buttons that close each pair is true to the original ones on the Lee Cowboy Overalls from 1914 to the 1960’s; on every waistband is an embroidered Lee 101+ signature; retro imagery from the archives on the tags give a feel of authentic heritage and exceptional hair-on-hide patches that stamp in luxe.

The brand has also picked the perfect person to represent the contemporary sturdiness of Lee 101+. We sit down with actor and sports enthusiast Derek Ramsay to discuss jeans, life and everything in between.

1. What is your obsession with jeans?

"Well, I’m a rugged guy, that’s my style, that’s my fashion sense. It’s either you see me in a pair of denims or you see me in board shorts and a tank top. I only get dressed when theres an occasion, if it’s a ball, a wedding or if it’s a big event that I have to attend, I’ll bring out a little bit of my other side. But generally, I’m all about denim and my denim being comfortable."

2. And what is your obsession with girls?


(Laughs out loud) "I love girls who are sporty, I love girls who love to laugh. I’m a sucker for girls – who I don’t know why – have short hair and I love it when girls wear caps. The whole thing about her being honest, that’s all a given, but the ones that really, really get me are the funny girls who are simple."

3. And what is your obsession with girls in jeans?

"Girls in short denim shorts and a white shirt, a tanktop or even an oversized shirt, I think that’s the sexiest thing."

4. In three words, how does a good pair of Lee 101 denim make you feel?

"In three words? Cool, manly and, can I use the word stud? (smiles) Like a stud."

5. If there was a hashtag to describe you for Lee, what would it be?

(Laughs out loud) "Oh my… um. (thinks for a second) 'the older the better.' Hahaha. And I meant the jeans… and me." (more laughter)

6. What is your personal obsession?

"Life. I love to live life. You never know when it’s going to end…you never know what’s going to happen…so I live for the moment. Family and friends are the most important things in my life. And with everything that I do, I never do it alone I do it with all of them, its more fun. I’m obsessed with life! We go through some down times in our lives, but that only makes us better persons, it makes us stronger, and makes the good times even better. So yeah, I’m obsessed with life."

7. What is the one thing not a lot of people know about you?

"Everyone thinks that I’m this stone cold person, when actually I’m a softie. I’ve cried so many times in my life but mostly when I’m happy, not when I’m sad. I cry when I watch films that deal with old people, I don’t know why I’m a sucker for that. I guess I relate it to my parents and my parents getting older and it just scares the living crap out of me. Every year on my dads birthday, when I see and hear him give his speech it just moves me tremendously. Anything to do with family or when I win in sports. I’m not scared to show my emotions especially if I work really, really hard for it. But breakups, I don’t know why, I never cry."

At all?

"I get hurt, but I tell myself it’s not the end of the world, I’ve said that I love life, of course it hurts, it sucks, but you have to move on. That’s what I tell myself and people think that I get over these things so fast and it seems that I don’t care, I really do but I think I’ve matured enough to say, hey---it didn’t work out, I loved you, I had these feelings, these memories stored deep but we move forward. Because its not healthy for you, for the people around you if you just sit there and cry. I’m not saying everyone should handle breakups the way I do but I guess that’s the side of me people see and they think that I don’t care but I really, really do."

8. 10 years from now, what would you want to be known for?


"I’m so into my sports, that’s my passion. And people tend to forget that side of me and everybody is focused on the showbiz side: Whats my next movie? Who is my girlfriend? It’s a big part of who I am but I was wired to play sports. I want to be recognized for the accomplishments I’ve made for representing the country. I just got back from the world cup of Frisbee, which is held every four years and it was in the UK this year, and I was the number one goal score in the entire world. Whole world? Yup, I don’t want to brag but its something I’m very proud of. I love the Philippines and I must say I’m even more proud when I have a fan asking me for an autograph from the sports side of me."

9. How has working with Lee proved different from the other brands that you’ve worked with?

"I never put my name on something that I don’t believe in, and I’ve been a fan of Lee, I have a whole wardrobe of Lee Jeans in my closet. And this endorsement just came out of the blue and I was so stoked, and I couldn’t believe they actually came to me because I love the brand. I never endorse anything that I don’t personally like or I’m a fan of. I’m really a denim guy, and they’re all about denim and their style is my style so it’s a perfect match."

10. How does denim make you feel sexy?

"Because it makes me feel like a real man, you know? Imagine, if you’re in the bedroom, about to make out with your girl… This is not off the record right? (haha) I can write this? Yes, yes! You can write this (laughs). Imagine if you were in a tux, it doesn’t look as sexy as ripping off denim, right? When your denims hang low it just looks so much sexier than slacks hanging down low, you know? (laughs again) and its cheaper to get it cleaned! (laughs even louder) and you know, if you have stains on denim, it still looks good."

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