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10 Things to Remember When Caring for Your Knitwear

Take note of these!
10 Things to Remember When Caring for Your Knitwear
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Take note of these!

Behold Chiara Ferragni in her awe-inspiringly voluminous Delpozo pullover. We don't know about you, but a good long look brings to mind one question: how on earth do you keep a sweater like that in shape? Delpozo costs a pretty penny, too, so care has to be everything. Investment pieces are worth the extra mile!

Still, if you don't have cash to spare for dry cleaning, there are definitely ways to give your knitwear some from-home love. Below, 10 things to remember when caring for your cashmere (and wool, and angora, and synthetics)!

1. Storage is important.

Never hang a wool or cashmere jumper on a hangerthe fabric will stretch over time, leading to unsightly, misshapen lumpiness. Always fold instead!

2. Shave your knitwear (yes, really).

Bobbling is the result of two pieces of fabric rubbing together over time (under your arms for instance) and can also occur with washing. Be sure to remove them routinely! A quick way to go is with an electric razor. Use it to shave off the bobble, leaving the surface of your knit smooth.


3. Comb away.

Use a cashmere comb (it exists, and it's a good investment!) to remove any snags before washing. This is important so that the fabric fibers don't tangle or catch on any other garments.

4. Brush daily.

Use a soft clothes brush to rub down your knitwear regularly. Gently remove hairs and excess lint!

5. Wash smart.

Wash your sweater regularly. Machine washing is fine, just ensure that it’s on the hand wash setting–and always wash colored items separately. Sounds risky? You can always opt to hand wash, just be sure to press (not wring) when done. Also, cold water is your BFF.

6. Wash cashmere even smarter.

When washing cashmere, use baby shampoo! This helps to keep the fabric soft and avoid soap and water stains. Also, keep your wash time to a minimum. Once the sweater is submerged and gently washed, take care to get it out of the water after only a few minutes. The longer you keep your garments wet, the more likely they are to bleed and fade.

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7. Dry flat.

After washing, always dry your sweater flat so that it keeps its shape! Stretch it out slightly and weigh down the edges if necessary. Never twist or rub! If you need to remove excess water, scrunch it into a ball and squish between your hands.

8. Rotate your sweaters.

Give your jumpers a few days between each wear, lest you want them to lose shape.

9. Try cedar balls.

Store all your knitwear with cedar balls to minimize the risk of insect attacks! Moth holes? Don't panic, just stick your sweaters in the freezer for 48 hours to kill the moth eggs, then wash right after.

10. No to dampness!

When storing your knits, be sure that they're completely, undeniably dry before stowing them away. Even the slightest dampness (e.g. a sweat patch) will result in mold, mildew, or discoloration. Ew!

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