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10 Things Socialites Do Before Going to the Party

Number 3: Take a laser to the face.
10 Things Socialites Do Before Going to the Party Number 3: Take a laser to the face.

So, who's excited for the Preview Ball tonight? We know we are!!

For many socialites and dance floor fillers, the Preview Ball is not just a party but the party. As early as two months before, they start calling up their trusted designers and planning their outfits. But we bet you didn't know some of the other things they do to look amazing in all the pictures.

Here are ten of them:

1. Buy all manner of fashion tape.

You know what they say, right? Prevention is better than cure. Same logic applies to wardrobe malfunctions. The most vigilant keep a roll of double-sided tape in their clutches.

2. Keep the bra off at least 24 hours before.


When you're rocking a backless or strapless dress, unwanted strap marks are not welcome.

3. Take a laser to the face.

To get that ever-so-slight glow that’s hard to fake with blush, only a 5-minute session with a laser (like Picosure at the Aivee Institute) will do. Imagine tiny little sparks that zap away imperfections, like doing welding on the face. Some beauty editors do it right before getting their makeup done!

4. Have a talk with the makeup artist to discuss your look.

Above convo is a true story. Serious business, this is.

5. Let the dress hang on the hanger for at least 48 hours.


It’s a not-so-secret trick to make sure the material falls better. Steal this trick for your wedding dress!

6. Check clothing and makeup under flash photography.

Nipple flowers reflecting under your black dress or foundation manifesting as espasol? This sort of thing should never happen.

7. Meditate upon the color of their manicure.


Has to perfectly complement the dress. Sometimes the paint dries and then they change their minds. (If you're Heart Evangelista, you have the nail artists glue on diamonds.)

8. Smize in front of the mirror for the nth time.

They might also practice the: duckface, sparrow, getting in and out of the car, etcetera.

9. Try on different accessories with the outfit.

Endless permutations!!! The agony.

10. Get plenty of beauty rest the night before.


The only reason a socialite will beg off from a night out: if the next evening is more important.


Main image via @vaniaromoff on IG