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Let These Stylish Girls Show You How to Wear a Slip Dress to Work

Because it's not just for the bedroom.
Let These Stylish Girls Show You How to Wear a Slip Dress to Work
Because it's not just for the bedroom.

The slip dress is a lot of things: sultry, sexy, a dependable classic...but maaaybe not a workwear staple. Right? Wrongwell, if your office is creative and a little lax on the usual rules, you'll definitely be able to get away with it. Below, we give you 10 chic, non-boring ways to style your negligee for the 9-to-5! A little bit of strategic layering is all you need.

Yoyo Cao's layering trick may be decievingly simple, but note that the devil is in the details. See that ruffled collar? Those buckle accents? They make all the difference.

If your slip is short enough, try and tuck it into crisp-yet-roomy trousers of the exact same shade for a sleek, monochromatic look.

Newsflash: we don't need winter to cop a trench coat! Wear one over a slinky number to balance out any exposure. Christie Tyler shows you how to walk the talk.


Who says shirts only go under slips? Toss one on top to get a loose look great for comfy casual Fridays.

If you've got a dangerously high slit situation, worry no more! Your trusty denims are more than happy to keep you covered.

This classic look hasn't expired just yet, so long as you add a trendy little touch: go for a logo or statement tee instead of the usual plain kind.

Now's your chance to wear that impossibly sheer top out. Clever (or maybe risque) is Reese Blutstein's middle name.

Throw a too-short party frock over loose trousers and a slightly longer dress. Love that play on lengths!

It's DIY time, kids. Slice up an old, fitted turtleneck and style the way Vanessa Hong does.

...or not! Simply layer an oversized sweater over your slip and hit the door. Plus points for neutral tone-on-tone chic!