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10 Spots at The Henry Hotel Manila Where You Can Take Your OOTDs

Add nostalgic charm to your 'gram.
10 Spots at The Henry Hotel Manila Where You Can Take Your OOTDs
Add nostalgic charm to your 'gram.

The Henry Hotel Manila, a tucked-away boutique hotel nestled amidst bustling Pasay, is overflowing with the unique charm only history can bring. It's richly nostalgicbuilt in the '50s, it boasts 34 rooms across five Liberation-style houses that were once home to a compound of artists. In fact, its garden was designed by Ildefonso P. Santos, National Artist for Landscape Architecture, and is counted among his very last projects!

Checking into this striking restored post-WWII gem has more benefits than one. Below, check out 10 spots where you can pose for your Instagram OOTDs:

1. The veranda is great for soaking up some fresh air while enjoying breakfast!

2. Bask in the delicate shadows of the stone steps leading to the outdoor pool.

3. The hotel resto is run by Apartment 1B, a fave of Makati dwellers for its all-day brunch menu. And it's perfect for channeling golden hour circa 1950!

4. Booked one of their best rooms? You'll be delighted to find this classic claw-footed porcelain bathtub!


5. Henry's furnished with all sorts of tasteful, vintage pieces. Your friends will be dying to know where your geotag is.

6. Oh, and did we mention the quaint tiered fountain perched in the middle of the pebbled driveway?

7. A different angle on the aforementioned veranda will show off its colorful baldoza tiles in vibrant patterns.

8. We're telling you, this place is the perfect mix of Art Deco heritage and modern quirk.

9. Henry's exteriors are photogenic, too!

10. And lastly, look out for the hunter green Vespa parked prettily on the entrance porch, almost as if it's welcoming you in.