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10 Signs You're the Fashion Girl in the Group

10 Signs You're the Fashion Girl in the Group
They question what you wear.

In every group, there's always the one person who doesn't get the dress code most of the time. The fashion girl has no under or overdressed in her vocabulary, after all. She dances to the beat of her own drum and wears the most fab pieces all the time. Think it's you in your group? Read on and perhaps you can relate to these signs! 

1. You know when the mark down sales are.


You're subscribed to newsletters of all your favorite brands, natch. That, or you probably found yourself befriending the store managers who give you a heads-up whenever there's a sale or a fresh batch of new arrivals.

2. Your friends ask you what to wear.

Or take mirror photos and send them to you before they actually wear or buy stuff. We know your inbox is full of questions like, "I'm not sure about this top," "Is this ok," "Do you approve," or "Am I decent enough?"


3. Your friends hate it when they shop with you.


They can't blame you for enabling them into buying clothes when they look good in them! Plus you can't help that you're a shopping enthusiast and a marathoner, willing to spend the whole day shopping. No need to find an event to wear that cute dress or that clutch. Buy them all and you'll one day find the right time to wear them. 

4. But they still ask you to shop with them. 


Shopping? there's only one acceptable answer: Yes!

5. You know where to buy what.


...and who's wearing who at one glance! You're basically a walking mall directory who knows which malls house which brands. And you've spent just enough time browsing brand sites that you know immediately where they got that cute skirt your friend just pointed out.

6. They question what you wear.

If they question you why you wear your fanny pack like that, or why you're even carrying one, just shrug them off. Why bother argue when...

watch now

7. They'll later get on the new trend you just wore!

Didn't we tell you this trend is going to get big this season?! Now let's buy a ton more of these!

8. OOTDs happen anytime, anywhere.

And you've trained your friends how to do it right. If you think your friends need a little more coaching, you may want to check this out, or click this if you're better off doing it by yourself.

9. You correct anyone who mispronounces fashion brands.

No, it's not Louis Vuy-ton. It's Louie Vwee-toh. Now, say it a couple more times.

10. You constantly quote your bible, The Devil Wears Prada.

And we know your favorite:


It's a mantra you mutter everytime the tough gets going at work. After all, how are you gonna pay for that bag if you lose your job, right?

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