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10 Signs You're In A Fashion Girl's Car

The gas tank is always half… empty.
10 Signs You're In A Fashion Girl's Car The gas tank is always half… empty.

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is a super cute Volkswagen beetle or a badass black Range Rover, because it’s when you get inside that you’ll know, you just stepped into a fashion girl’s car.

TopGear enumerated a few distinct qualities of female-driven rides, and although we agree with a few, we have to say it’s a slightly different story where fashion girls are involved. See the 10 signs you’re in a brat-mobile below.

 1. There are maybe two to three spare outfits available, an LBD definitely included.  

You basically just entered a moving walk-in closet. This is the secret to how fashionistas manage to look event-ready, all-day, errday. Her trunk (or backseat) is filled with options that can take her from unannounced big meetings (or dates—she gets a lot of offers for looking that good), spontaneous trips to the beach, or an impulsive visit to the gym.


2. The trunk has been transformed into a shoe closet.

Yes, she can drive in her heels if she wants to, but she’d rather not get unwanted creases on her favorite steppers. The trunk is filled with heel options—the favorite nude pumps, rubber shoes, or strappy flats included—and there may be a pair of Tod's driving shoes amid the debris, too.

3. When you get in, lucky passenger, you will feel a little claustrophobic.

Even with lots of leg room for the passenger (the driver’s seat is pushed all the way to the front), somehow the car feels cramped. See 1 and 2.


4. The gas tank is always half… empty.

She probably already maxed out her credit card from shopping at last weekend’s sale and as always, forgot to refill the gas. Currently, she’s hoping mom or dad would use the car and magically fill up the tank.

5. The rear view mirror is angled toward the driver’s seat, not the back.

The sun visor’s tiny mirror can be used for putting on lippies, but it’s just not good enough to perfect that eyeliner when stuck in traffic. The rear view mirror is positioned directly facing the eyes making it a super convenient makeup mirror that bounces off natural light. She might use it to practice her smize before facing an angry police officer.


6. The car reeks of perfume.

There is no need for a car freshener, because no matter how many times the girls at the counter tell her not to leave a perfume bottle in the car (the contents will just evaporate), a fashion girl simply cannot face the day without her signature lavender scent. Ooh. Lavender. 

7. Instead of a tool box, you’ll find a toiletry pouch.

Despite the hot mess of shoes and makeup, hygiene is still of utmost importance. There will always be alcohol, wet wipes, and of course, tissue. All necessary for retouching.

8. The glove compartment is filled with sunnies and makeup.


Driving under broad daylight requires a pair of sunnies, a spare lipstick, probably a BB cream, concealer, sea salt spray and cheek tint. No car polish creams, for sure. Ask her if she's had a wax and she'll think bikini, not car.

9. The parking is a little off.

Distracted by the thoughts of her impending shopping spree, she drives right into the slot and hops out, without even checking if she's aligned with those painted lines on the floor. What can we say? She's used to valet.

10. There's a pair of flats by the gas pedal.


The better to switch out of her heels into. Safety first!

See TopGear for the 7 signs you're in a girl's car.