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10 Phases a Fashion Girl Goes Through Every Morning

There’s no such thing as “I woke up like this.”
10 Phases a Fashion Girl Goes Through Every Morning There’s no such thing as “I woke up like this.”

It takes a lot of work to put together a whole look, especially for a fashion girl who cares about the nitty-gritty of her daily outfit. Here, the 10 phases we go through every morning:

1. Hitting the snooze button.

Is that my alarm ringing already? The sun isn’t even up yet! If the sun isn’t even up yet, I definitely deserve to hit snooze.

2. Hitting the snooze button again.

Just five more minutes, and then I’ll get up. I promise!

3. Realizing what time it is.


Oh shoot!!! I am so gonna be late!

4. Self-check at the mirror.

Wait, did my pores look this huge when I slept last night? This is even more frightening than my nightmare. Okay, okay, maybe I shouldn’t panic. Perhaps a shower can fix me.

5. Random shower thoughts.

That cute guy I met last night hasn’t texted me yet. Maybe I should check if he sent me a friend request on Facebook instead. I’ll totally stalk his Instagram later! Speaking of which, I need to try this new restaurant that serves IG-worthy food.

6. Self-check at the mirror, part two!


Okay, so a shower wasn’t able to fix me. Maybe I need a little makeup? Or fine, more than a little. Should I go for soft smokey eyes? Or a dark lip? That's too much. I think I'll just do a no-makeup makeup look today.

7. A loooong hair sesh.

Time to tame this thing called my hair. Sniffs. Oh, shucks! Is that my hair burning?? 

8. Rummaging through the closet.


Now, what should I wear today? Hmm. Nope, not this! Ugh, I’ve worn this a dozen times already. Darn it, I don’t have enough clothes anymore. I need to go shopping!

9. Finally finding the one.

Wow, I actually look good in this. Now, what pair of shoes should I wear it with?

10. All set and ready to go!

If anyone asks, #IWokeUpLikeThis.


Main image/gif by Yayay de Castro