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10 Girls Who'll Inspire You to Accessorize With a Silk Scarf

It's perfect for that subtle flair.
10 Girls Who'll Inspire You to Accessorize With a Silk Scarf
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/margaret__zhang
It's perfect for that subtle flair.

If you're the fuss-free type who thinks armfuls of bangles and enormous doorknob earrings are just too much work, why not consider a silk scarf? Here are the pros: it's a single item, you can work it a thousand different ways, and it's bound to become your signature. So why not get with the program?

That said, here are 10 of the street's most stylish girls to woo you over:

Wrap your scarf around your head then let the ends trail behind your back, or simply use it to tie your ponytail, letting its tail flow freely. Margaret Zhang does it best!

A classic option! Irene Kim ups a simple tank top and jeans combo by adding a touch of French joie de vivre around her neck.

We love a good print on print lewk. Wear your scarf as a pussybow to accentuate a floral outfit like Yoyo Cao.

Bad hair day? Cop Tricia Gosingtian's timeless trick and go for an Audrey Hepburn-approved headwrap.


Cool kid Gabs Gibbs sure knows how to work a handful of big elements into one #selfie—her pageboy cap, funky earrings, and adorable neckscarf are all fighting for attention in the very best way. Sometimes, more really is merrier!

You're tired of the choker (and so are we, tbh), but Jess Connelly makes it fresh again by using a thinly-folded, printed scarf instead. All our yeses.

Here's an idea: cop Reese Blutstein's look and use an oversized square of fabric to create a makeshift ribboned tube top. Points for sartorial creativity.

You don't always need a pop of color, but consider a peppering of polka dots! Vivid Wu knows their charm better than anyone.

Loop a scarf around your waist and cinch a la Jenny Walton. Genius, if you ask us.

Lisa Aiken's effortless, tastefully haphazard accent has got us itching to finish off even our most laid-back outfits with something silky.