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10 Cool-Girl Ways to Wear Pearls

The classic gem gets a stylish update.
10 Cool-Girl Ways to Wear Pearls
The classic gem gets a stylish update.

No matter your reference—be it Johannes Vermeer's iconic 1665 painting Girl With A Pearl Earring or, you know, Jun Ji Hyun's (literal) mermaid tears in hit K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea—pearls have had a long and storied tussle with the way history weaves its tales. Ancient whispers even have it that Cleopatra dissolved one of her pearl earrings in a glass of wine and drank it to show Mark Anthony that she could consume the riches of an entire population in just one gulp! Queen.

Okay, but what about now? You probably associate pearls with your grandmother's baul, but that's exactly what we're saying here: dig 'em up and out, because those precious little orbs are 100% en vogue. Below, we'll teach you how the fashion girls style these timeless gems!

Take Kim Jones' advice: go big (as in HUGE) or go home.

Kiana Valenciano's pearls sit street-smart on a distressed denim jacket. Too cool.

Pile 'em on like Margaret Zhang and keep going 'til you've got a chunky choker.

We're positively crazy about Liz Uy's embellished Miu Miu slides.

Pearls get tough via Irene Kim and her encrusted MCM leather jacket.

Pair a gem-studded collar with a totally on-trend logo tee like Yoyo Cao.

Consider replacing boring old buttons with pretty pearly whites!

Wanna keep things dainty? Make like Vanessa Hong and wear teeny-tiny stones perched on your fingers.

Beloved K-label StyleNanda suggests you mismatch classic drop earrings for a high-low take.


Wearing your statement gets 10 times more decadent when done with enormous pearls.