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That Thing Called "twinning"

It's the cool new Instagram meme.
That Thing Called "twinning" It's the cool new Instagram meme.

Whether it’s with your sister, your best friend, or your style soulmate, looking matchy-matchy has never been this fun. Because in case you haven’t noticed, "twinning" is the newest online craze! Are you ready to experience a stylish case of déjà vu? Scroll down and see some of the cutest pairs we’ve found on Instagram. 

(via @saabmagalona)

1. With matching bikinis and wacky faces on, celebrity sisters Maxene and Saab Magalona scored an insta-heart from us for this totally adorbs beach selfie!

(via @karagozali)

2. This modelesque Thomasian was spotted twinning around with her little sister. And from the looks of it, the young Kristina Gozali is bound to be as beautiful as her big sis Kara.


(via @trishmolina)

3. Another pretty face who caught our attention was UST’s Trish Molina. Imagine our surprise when we discovered her sister Bea looks almost like her, especially in their color coordinated lime green sweaters.

(via @leximendi)

4. The cool girls from La Salle are also giving us plenty of reasons to double-tap on their looks. Here, Arianna Cowper and Lexi Mendiola are looking like the coolest nerds from the green side of the fence, both donning denim shirts and matchy-matchy specs.


(via @leximendi)

5. Looks like Lexi has already mastered the art of twinning around! We spotted her with Patricia Henson and they looked pretty identical with their high-waisted jeans, white cropped tees and  black combat boots.

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6. These stylish sisters took twinning to a whole new level. Both donning co-ords in Versailles, Bea and Charo Soriano are looking preppy in pastel.

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7. Blogging duo Vern and Verniece Enciso played it matchy-matchy with distressed denim jeans paired with hot pink pumps and equally vibrant blazers. Now we can’t even tell who’s who!


(via @vince_uy)

8. Vince Uy and boyfriend Nino Gaddi’s Bench billboard might have been censored, but at least on Instagram, there’s no stopping this couple from holding hands and twinning at life.

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9. Our office was also infected by this twinning craze! Check out how Preview’s Maura Rodriguez and Style Bible’s Zoe Laurente #OOTD-ed their way to the stripe club.

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10. Think the boys would just sit down and watch? Nope, not here! Preview’s Pow Santillan and Style Bible’s Yayay de Casto also joined in the fun. Their twinning entry? Light-washed denim, white short-sleeved buttondown, and trucker hat combo! #thanksguyz