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'Tis the Season of Curves

Pauline Juan talks about weight gain and how to embrace your curves.
'Tis the Season of Curves Pauline Juan talks about weight gain and how to embrace your curves.

It's that most wonderful and notoriously fattening time of the year. In this month's Fashion Sense, Preview EIC Pauline Juan talks about how to embrace your curves and work with the weight you have.

"For someone who’s never had to lift a finger to maintain her body type, the realization that I now have to workout was an exercise in managing expectations." - Pauline Juan

Read the excerpt below:

Since this issue runs through the holidays and the new year, I thought that it was a good time to talk about body image, dealing with weight gain and refreshing your wardrobe. By “late bloomer,” I do mean that, after a lifetime of being eat-absolutely-anything-I-want-thin, I started dealing with curves—not exactly Kim Kardashian-esque, mind you, but now there is shape, where, once upon a time, I was as stick-straight as a line. I realize that for people who have struggled all their lives with weight issues, this story about a thin girl gaining a few pounds might seem insensitive, I feel though that body issues play largely in the mind, and I want to show how you can change the way you think to cope with changes you cannot, for whatever reason, control.


One of the most frustrating things growing up was being unable to amply fill out a bikini top, thinking that I wasn’t woman enough. Over the years, I grew to accept and love my body, realizing that a reed-thin figure was, in most instances, the ideal canvas to play with fashion. Thankfully, I grew up during the era of Kate Moss, when waif-like frames were all the rage; it was indeed brilliant for my self-esteem. It’s a rather cruel twist of fate to find that just when all the baby-making business in your 30s is done, when you finally get the hang of dressing your body, life throws you a curve ball by changing its shape.

I’m not whining about nothing, I promise! This is not one of those instances, like immediately after giving birth to my first child, where I was the only one who didn’t seem to appreciate that I could fit into size 27 Seven For All Mankind jeans. My friends say I’m lucky to be naturally svelte, and I try to be gracious when people say that to my face, but I cringe deep inside knowing that I fill out my clothes in a different way: There is now cleavage where there used to be none, fabric clings to my torso, tracing its outlines, whereas it used to just fall away from my body.

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Illustration by Marge Melendez

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