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There is Now a Nude Bra for Women of All Shades and Shapes

Because nude is not the same for everyone.
There is Now a Nude Bra for Women of All Shades and Shapes Because nude is not the same for everyone.

Remember that time we rejoiced because Christian Louboutin launched seven different shades to create the perfect nude shoe for different skin tones? Well, now there is a lingerie brand that decided to follow suit. No matter what your shape and shade, Naja guarantees a “Nude for All.”

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While watching American Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas on television one day, it dawned on Naja CEO, Cataline Girald, that her “nude” wraps did not match her skin. Two years later, in 2014, Naja was born.


With the help of her partner, Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez, they brought the idea to life. "I pretty much bought every cosmetic possible," says Girald who shares that they used makeup to create the base tones. It then underwent a series of tests until the collection was narrowed down to 23 shades, and eventually the final seven most universal shades.

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However, these products acknowledge more than just different skin tones. As seen in the ad, the brand aims not only to provide a nude for every skin tone, but also to empower real women.  Using models from different ethnicities, shapes, and backgrounds, the team found real women to model for the campaign. Joining Gina Rodriguez in the campaign are the following: a Silicon Valley software engineer for an electric car company, a ballerina from the San Francisco Ballet, a Bangladeshi-Muslim girl who fought being in an arranged marriage, and a Harvard business school student. 


Now that’s a brand worth supporting, don’t you think?

Check out the collection here to start shopping.

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