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#SpecsParty: A Chat with Georgina and Martine

Introducing Sunnies Specs and what’s next for Sunnies Studios.
#SpecsParty: A Chat with Georgina and Martine
Introducing Sunnies Specs and what’s next for Sunnies Studios.

Before the team behind Sunnies Studios were shaking up nothing but good vibes at the #SpecsParty later in the evening to celebrate the launch of Sunnies Specs, we caught up with two of the masterminds, Georgina Wilson and Martine Cajucom to ask them just a few things about their new spin-off venture and what else is in store for Sunnies Studios. 

What do you consider the difference between the Sunnies person and Sunnies SPECS person?

Georgina: Okay, well why don’t we describe both and you can see the difference? What type of music does a Sunnies girl like… Britney? (Laughs) Just kidding.

Martine: Maybe the Sunnies person doesn’t necessarily want to attach a gender, probably listens to more of like… dance, anything on Majestic, casual, trendy…

G: Someone who is very in touch with Calvin Harris’ new song, or Rihanna.

M: Very up to date on culture, what is hip and currently trending—that’s a Sunnies person.


G: Whereas a SPECS person references from the past, they might listen to Led Zepplin, Queen or Pink Floyd.

M: Or Radiohead, or a little disco maybe. That will be reflected in the playlist tonight.

G: Definitely more of an old soul.

M: More of an old soul, but still has an idea of what’s current.

Who would you like to see rock Sunnies SPECS?

M: Alexa Chung?

G: I was gonna say the same thing! 

M: I think Alexa Chung would be my dream person to be wearing Sunnies SPECS.

How about you Georgina?

G: Uh yeah, Alexa Chung, too… (Laughs) I would also like to see maybe Rosie Huntington, I’m crazy about her.

Who came up with the names for the Sunnies SPECS collection?

M: Well, our product development team. We work pretty closely with them, but we’re also hands-on. I think if there’s a name we like; we’ll throw it in there.

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G: We also do cities, things or people that we like.

M: A lot of the pairs are based on the people we actually know.

Is there a certain place that you travel to or holds a special inspiration for Sunnies SPECS (or place you found the most inspiring)?

M: For SPECS, I would say Japan and Scandinavia, if those two were to have a baby.

G: Also Stockholm meets Tokyo…

M: But still America—it still has California vibes, never shake that.

If you could pick your favorite pair of SPECS, which would it be?

M: I am particularly feeling the Cam, which is a half rimmed metal frame. It’s round, circular, it’s really universally flattering for such a progressive style.


G: Well, I’ll change everyday, but I would like to see more people wearing the Crispin, I like that one—it’s a thick, squared frame.

And how would you style an outfit with the Cam and Crispin?

M: Well… my outfit right now.


G: Like our outfits, though I’m excited to see what people wear later in their SPECS outfits because Sunnies outfits were really straight forward… let’s see.

M: Actually we got an idea from the press we saw earlier, everyone wearing their denim, dark navies, forest greens, very collegiate color palettes, people are getting the hang of it.


Apart from the highly-anticipated launch of Sunnies Café, what are you looking forward to for the Sunnies Brand?

M: Well there’s two big things we’re looking forward to!

G: And we’re looking forward to both of those things being finished and happening. One thing we’re looking forward to is probably shipping worldwide and having Sunnies SPECS available in all countries, and opening our first store abroad so people can enjoy what we enjoy here. 

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