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#GGSS? This Drink is For You

Get them at the #YSPROM this Saturday!
#GGSS? This Drink is For You Get them at the #YSPROM this Saturday!

This coming Saturday, July 18, 2015, Young Star is celebrating their 19th birthday with their sticker-happy, second annual #YSProm! After last year’s success, the team thought, why not throw a Pajama Party? Yasss! Everyone’s into comfff these days, it’s basically been bed weather the past two weeks, and it's a day after a holiday, which is why it’s such a smart move. Throwing a movie night replete with midnight snacks, DJ sets, and a “No PJ, No Party” rule, it sounds like the awesome-est slumber party, ever. (We hear it's going to be a Ziggy Savella dominated affair.)

As for the drinks? Remember that time we took notice of EDSA BDG’s home-brewed sodas and cocktails? Well, they’ve been literally wrapped up in hashtags and stickers designed by Maine Manalansan and illustrated by Ross Du exclusively for the party. 

Simply pick the hashtag for you and Instagram away. 


If you're going with your Prom King

If the struggle to find the perfect jammies for Prom was real

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Keep it locked on Style Bible and #ysprom for our snaps of the most stylish jammies!

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