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#designspiration For 2015: How To Succeed In Fashion

Read on how to come up on top in an industry filled with stylish competition.
#designspiration For 2015: How To Succeed In Fashion Read on how to come up on top in an industry filled with stylish competition.

A new year, a new start, and a clean slate to be a version 2.0 of yourself—you can say that 2015 is a year to #GoForGold. But success is relative—defined by either social media and peer popularity, or material possessions (i.e. the number of Louboutins, Birkins, or Chanel paraphernalia you have in your closet)—someone has yet to give a clear formula to get ahead of the game. I remember that scene in "Devil Wears Prada" where Andy replaces Emily as Miranda’s assistant during #PFW. She, Andy Sachs, has finally reached the dream of any editorial assistant at Runway magazine: to be photographed in couture and make her debut as an “editor” in the industry. But then this conversation happens:

And in the end Andy walks out on Miranda, throwing away all those sleepless nights, grueling morning trips to Starbucks (while getting occasionally side-swept by cabs), and tears of frustration getting that unpublished Harry Potter book published, because of the realization that that’s not what success looked like to her. In the end, she chose to leave all the glitz and glamour for the price of following what her heart originally wanted: to be a journalist. 

The lesson? Sometimes we lose ourselves too much in the process of reaching our goals. So if getting that priceless designer bag, wearing haute couture, or dressing that one celebrity with over a million followers on Instagram does not necessarily mean success—then what does it mean to be successful in the fashion industry? I ask some of our favorite local designers to define this tricky seven letter word, and how that could change your perception of fame and fortune in the world of style.



“As someone relatively new (if you count five years as new) to the industry—I think success is simply having the courage to begin. Take how others have masterfully done it before you as an inspiration, and then carve your own path… On a more personal note, I never work towards the idea that the whole world can one day see me, but instead, so I can see the world.”


“Success is the result or the outcome of one’s endeavor whether it is good or bad. I could say that I’m successful every time I see smiles on my clients’ faces and they are really satisfied and happy with my creations. It’s priceless, indeed. Success is not all about bragging my achievements; it’s self-contentment.”



“I could say I’m successful when I have left a mark on this industry. When people want what I do, and come back for more.”


“I wouldn’t say successful, but rather blessed, Faith placed me where I am now. Careers are like rollercoaster tracks—there are ups and downs (or even some derailing). Honing & sharing your craft, counting your blessings, help you keep focused and grounded—it will always give you that positive outlook. When people find you truly inspiring, that, for me, is being successful and it will pave [for] more blessings ahead.”



“Success for me is when people begin to identify a designer’s signature, when they see a design and say that’s mine. It means I have become an artist, not just a brand in people’s eyes.”