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5 Ways to Travel in Style Without All the Hassle

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 5 Ways to Travel in Style Without All the Hassle

There's no denying it, travel has become everyone's favorite #lifegoal. Though there are thousands of destinations to visit all around the world, and the idea of taking beautiful OOTDs and indulging in different cuisines sounds as perfectly carefree as a well-liked IG photo, it's really not as simple as just hopping on a plane.

Remember what they say: If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. We’re talking about a picture perfect trip that entails planning not just your itinerary but also your OOTDs. But what does it really mean to fly in fashion?

1. Always think in utmost convenience and maximize it.

The word "hassle" is your ultimate enemy. So pick the right airline that could give you optimum service at the comfort of your home and smart phone. With the new and improved Philippine Airlines website, you can book your ticket online, check-in in advance, bid to upgrade your tickets to business class all through myPAL Upgrade. You may even check flight schedules and updates here. That way, you are able to avoid long queues when checking-in, missing a flight, and spending a lifetime at the airport waiting for whether your plane has been delayed, rerouted, or canceled. Being informed is the chicest thing when traveling.

2. Pack and dress like a fashion editor anywhere and anytime.

If you are to document your holiday, you might as well dress up for it. After all, a well curated feed has a good mix of spectacular scenery and impeccable OOTD. Believe it or not, planning your outfits can make packing a lot easier. And in case you feel you need to bring extra clothes—because your outfits depend on your mood—  PAL's baggage allowance, depending on the destination, could be up to 50 kilos for a regular economy ticket! And if you exceed your baggage allowance, you can always prepay online which is a lot cheaper than paying per kilo at the check-in counter.

3. Take it easy and relax.

Enjoy the best out of every moment, even during a long haul flight to your dream destination. The myPAL Player  app is perfect for those lengthy hours on the planewatch premium movies, TV shows, and music from all over the globe all on your phone or tablet. Simply  download the myPAL Player app from the Apple App Store or Google Play before you fly.

4. Come up with an awesome itinerary. Pick a destination based on what you want out of it: great photos, something experiential and challenging, relaxing and chill, or a transformative self-reflecting getaway. Then maximize your stay by researching ticket prices, opening and closing hours of tourist spots, and commute time in advance. This way, you can map out everything you need to do and want to do without feeling that you missed out on anything. Check PAL for its comprehensive list of destinations including New York, London, Korea, Japan, and even Melbourne.

5. Document everything!

You've booked your ticket, packed stylish outfits fit for a fashion editorial, and are headed to a gorgeous destinationnow all you need to do is take out your cam, point, shoot, and post! To always stay connected wherever you are in the world, avail of myPAL Roam, a high speed internet device you can rent from PAL so you could post that #OOTD right this minutewhether you're under the Eiffel Tower or up the top of the Empire State Building.

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