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Culte Femme in Rustan's Makati



Tara Soriano never planned to design jewelry. She took up Interior Design for the first few years of her college life. Designing jewelry simply followed since she decided to take up Gemology as an interesting branch of study. From there, the array of stones found itself with her passion for art, and her road to becoming a jewelry designer grew.

Her belief towards design is that the product of creativity is discovering ways to build up the already existing beauty of metal and gemstones. "Jewelry is more of an art to me than it is fashion," Tara exclaims, "it celebrates the abundant wonders that earth can create by transforming metal and stone into aesthetically ergonomic pieces that highlight ones features." So it does not come as a surprise that her favorite part of the job is twisting and melting the metals until it produces something delectable to touch and see.

To have clients come back for more designs is the greatest compliment to her work. She describes it as "always a warm, tingly feeling inside because it means the clients want more." Modern, notably unique creations are what Tara usually leans towards but she admits that she also enjoys creating classic nature-inspired items. She finds that her best works are "always the ones where [she] doesn't have anything planned and just builds starting from one stone until it grows into a piece"


Culte Femme in Rustan's Makati

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