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7 Room Transformation Videos to Inspire You to Give Yours a Makeover

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7 Room Transformation Videos to Inspire You to Give Yours a Makeover
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At this point in the quarantine, you've probably lost track of what day it is and are non-stop stressing over everything that is happening in the country. On top of that, online classes may be eating you up, too. However, as usual, our mantra should be a resounding "I can do it." In the midst of a pandemic, however, don't forget to allot some time for things that help enrich your spirits. After all, our mental well-being is just as important as our physical health. 

One of the things that give off therapeutic vibes would be vlogs featuring people cleaning their rooms. Just the mere sight of someone de-cluttering their sacred space at home oddly makes you feel like getting your own act together. Right?

If you want to give it a try, watch these videos and you might just feel motivated to clean up your room, too!

1. Michelle Choi


2. Bestdressed

3. Ashley Garcia

4. Lindseyrem

5. Theresa Largo

6. Ry Velasco

7. Lucie Liu

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