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Love House Tours? Here Are 10 Addictive Youtube Channels to Check Out

These spaces have us dreaming.
Love House Tours? Here Are 10 Addictive Youtube Channels to Check Out
These spaces have us dreaming.

If you aren’t binge-watching videos on YouTube, then we congratulate you for having a hold on your life. Kidding aside, one of the biggest black holes we’ve fallen into are house tours. From real-estate channels to design and even celebrity vlogs, there’s something about seeing amazing spaces that definitely has us dreaming of our own. Whether you’re an actual homeowner or working your way towards becoming one, we round up these YouTube channels that are definitely worth bingeing on!

Get sucked into these YouTube house-tour channels:

1. Architectural Digest


The time of MTV Cribs has come and gone—but the formula of “celebrity” plus “house tour” is still a no-fail equation! Architectural Digest regularly features different videos on houses owned by Hollywood A-Listers. Their "Open Door" series ranges from fun little sneak peeks, like Susan and Robert Downey Jr.’s windmill house, to a pretty detailed walk-around of their home. You can check out Bretman Rock’s tour of his Hawaiian mansion! Or have you ever wanted to take a peek at Troye Sivan’s bathroom for no real reason? Yup, you can.


2. Presello

Digital real-estate firm Presello is known for their YouTube channel which features houses across Metro Manila and beyond. And while there are folks who use the channel as they are actively looking to buy, you could also just gawk at the awesome homes around here (and their prices). Host Julia Richards is so much fun to watch, whether she’s touring bare structures or fully furnished dwellings. Presello’s tours range from practical townhouses to incredible mansions, too, so you can choose what to watch depending on your mood.

3. Kristen Dirksen

YouTuber Kirsten Dirksen is probably one of the first on the platform to shine the light on well-designed homes. For the past decade or so, she and her team have visited hundreds of homes—mostly tiny, but always unique—around the world and featured them in unpolished videos on her channel. More than just house tours, she interviews the people behind the cool homes in a manner that feels a lot like you’re visiting the space yourself. Plus, she has videos on people who share things on simple living, craftsmanship, and more.

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4. Hunting for George

Australian lifestyle channel Hunting for George has a cool series called “Let Us In” where they explore one-of-a-kind, typically massive homes across the outback! The channel will take you into houses that range from luxury residences we could only dream of to unexpected homes. Host Lucy Glade-Wright will lead you through some of these homes, hilariously feeling very much at home while doing so as well, in these wonderfully shot one-take tours.

5. Living Big in a Tiny House

Bryce Langston is an Aussie with a passion for yup, living big in tiny spaces! His channel somehow never runs out of incredibly small homes—ranging from movable, completely off-the-grid (a.k.a. self-sustaining) units to more permanent ones—to visit and people to talk to. If you’ve been thinking about escaping the city and living as a comfortable hermit in some forest, then this channel is the motivation you need. Best part is that there’s specifically a playlist for AirBnBs you can check out for options to add to your travel bucket list.


6. Tiny Home Tours


What sets this tiny-homes channel apart is that they focus more on homes that are meant to move with the owner. If you’ve ever just wanted to pack up and go, permanently, this is perfect inspirational content. Apart from cleverly designed static tiny homes, there are a lot of videos that show awesome RVs and even playlists dedicated to people who converted ambulances or vans into mobile homes. Plus, even school buses, a.k.a. Skoolies!

7. Design House


If you’re the type that literally just wants to walk through cool homes, then this channel was made for you. Design House is a South Korean channel that features all types of homes: from incredibly luxurious dwellings to more erm, sane house goals for the typical corporate slave. What sets it apart is that there is no host, or literally anybody talking. It’s just the camera walking through all parts of the home! You can totally let your mind wander and dream up K-Drama plotlines while watching these videos.


8. The Local Project


Another Australian channel this time through The Local Project, a publication that focuses on human-centered design (we think that’s fancy for a design that feels like home, not a showcase). They have a series of house tours on their YouTube channel that will take you through some of the most gorgeous dwellings in Australia and New Zealand. What is cool is that they feature homes owned by architects and interior designers—and the fact that they’re experts of their fields truly shows in the house tours.

9. Design Seed


This Malaysian channel features awesome architectural gems you wouldn’t expect in the tropics! The houses here often have inner courtyards and a whole lot of open spaces to let as much sun and wind inside. They also speak with the designers and homeowners themselves to really show what went on during the making of it. What’s cool is that the houses typically occupy cramped neighborhood spaces similar to our own in the Philippines, making it the perfect watch in case you need proof you can break the architectural mold here.


10. Never Too Small


The Never Too Small channel concentrates on cleverly designed homes in tiny spaces—not to be confused with standalone tiny homes! This channel features apartments or condominium-type houses with challenging footprints, highlighting the unique ways the space has been utilized. Think 20-square-meter to 50-square-meter homes (already quite large, relatively speaking) shaped sometimes in normal small squares or irregular rectangles. What sets this channel apart is the super clean and sleek way they present their tours, usually narrated by the homeowner or designers.

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