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These Delicious Vegan Spinoffs Are Perfect for Meat Lovers

Healthy chicken wings and odorless tuna salad? Count us in.
These Delicious Vegan Spinoffs Are Perfect for Meat Lovers
Healthy chicken wings and odorless tuna salad? Count us in.

Vegan food often gets a bad rep. They’re usually unfairly stereotyped as bland, gross, and lacking in that special umami flavor. But in reality, plant-based recipes can be just as satisfying and flavorful as anything meaty. Don’t believe us? Well, prepare to be stunned.


Ah, chicken wings. They’re the perfect companion to soda, beer, and sports. The smoked flavor and juiciness may seem impossible to replicate without the chicken, but it’s not. In fact, when Lauren Toyota and John Diemer of hot for food shared a recipe for buffalo wings made of cauliflower, the vegan world fell at their feet in gratitude, including YouTube star Jenna Marbles who claimed it might even be better than the real thing. Watch the wizardry happen here:


Nobody really gives chickpeas or garbanzo beans enough credit. Not only are they a good source of protein and fiber, they also produce magic when softened and blended. And by magic, we mean tuna salad without the nasty fishy smell. Candice from Edgy Veg has this recipe down pat. And below, she shares her creamy, plant-based version of the classic lunch item:


This might sound crazy, but vegans and vegetarians do eat scrambled eggs for breakfast like you do—except theirs is made out of tofu, a.k.a. the protein fountain of youth. The texture, color, and flavor of classic scrambled eggs can be easily injected into tofu by using a small collection of spices. This recipe from Dana of Minimalist Baker takes longer because of the added vegetables, but we swear you can make the scrambled eggs alone for less than 10 minutes. It’s genius.


Trust us, with a little creativity, anything and everything can be made vegan. You don’t even have to be that innovative yourself, because the internet is quickly becoming a haven for unique and absolutely delicious plant-based recipes that even omnivores will enjoy.

And yes, there is such a thing as vegan pizza. Google it.

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