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You Have to See This Adorable Travel Video Roundup of Camille Co

You'll want to make your own!
You Have to See This Adorable Travel Video Roundup of Camille Co You'll want to make your own!

Chances are, you’ve used some of the extra time on your hands the last few months to sort through old photos and videos. Maybe you’ve edited some out, printed out the keepers, and definitely enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Well, seasoned traveler and content creator Camille Co, however, has taken this exercise a notch higher. She recently posted an idyllic video roundup of shots taken from past travels, and while it’s less than a minute long, it captures the joy of discovering new places perfectly. (It also begs the question: Is she just walking or actually skipping in those in-motion photos she frequently posts?)

Her caption reads: “When I shot these videos while traveling, I never planned on making a compilation like this. But then I heard this sound on Tiktok and it was just too perfect not to make into a compilation. Here’s to hoping I get to make more #CamAndGo videos.”

Didn’t this video fill you with happiness?

If there’s something to take away from Camille’s creation, it would be these:

1. It pays to be consistent about the way you film yourself on video when you travel or document a memorable experience. It doesn’t matter if you think you look silly. Show what your feeling in the moment and capture it on cam. When you look back at the photos or videos, those same emotions will take you back to that special time.


2. The right soundtrack can really inspire, who knows what you’ll come up with when you hear the right sound.

3. Be organized about how you store your photos and videos. That way, when creativity strikes, it won’t be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Just like Camille, we too hope we can all one day make more videos and memories while traveling. Did her post inspire you to make one of your own? Sound off in the comments below!

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