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You Have to See the Prettiest Bagel in the World

It's like an edible unicorn!
You Have to See the Prettiest Bagel in the World It's like an edible unicorn!

What is it with New York and their Instagrammable pastries? After the cronut and the golden ube donut, now comes the world’s most beautiful bread, the rainbow bagel. Well, technically, the rainbow bagel has been around at the The Bagel Store in Brooklyn for two decades now, but IG didn’t exist back then so the colorful dough product didn’t really exist. After all, if it’s not on social media, it didn't happen. 

We're having a major Lisa Frank #TBT moment right now. 

The Bagel Store, which is also the home of the cragel (half croissant, half bagel), is taking social media by storm because of what people are now calling the unicorn of bagels, the rainbow bagel. Best paired with their “funfetti” cream cheese (basically cream cheese with candy sprinkles), the bagel man himself, owner Scot Rosillo, shared that among his 30 varieties of bagels, the rainbow colored rounds sell out the fastest. As for what’s in it, a baker never reveals his secrets. He does, however, describe it as having a blueberry fruity flavor with a cereal taste.


Watch how the birthday cake of bagels are made: 

Sold $2.50 a piece, you might want to check out this bagel haven if you’re heading to Manhattan this summer and have this IG-worthy bagel for breakfast...or dessert.

Photos from @thebagelstore on Instagram

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