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You Have Roughly 30 Years to Visit Maldives Before it Sinks

It could soon be a long lost paradise.
You Have Roughly 30 Years to Visit Maldives Before it Sinks It could soon be a long lost paradise.

Somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean lays Maldives, a tropical nation many beach lovers consider the ultimate destination. We’ve seen a couple of celebrities from Coleen Garcia to Bea Soriano show us the picture perfect juxtaposition of cloudy skies, powdery white sand, and crystal blue waters of the islands, convincing plenty to book a trip to the country. But you might want to book that trip sooner. 


Who doesn’t want to propose in paradise? (@ericdeejr)

If visiting Maldives is on your travel bucket list, we suggest you plan the trip sooner rather than later because the country will either not look the same or worse, completely vanish from the face of the earth in the next 30 years. Majority of the hundreds of islands in Maldives are less than a meter to two meters above sea level, which means its floating beauty is also the reason it could we wiped off the map soon.

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(Moment, Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq)

Because of climate change, the sea level is slowly rising, affecting not only Maldives but even the Arctic, and other major tourist destinations like Venice.

(Moment, Matteo Colombo)

Remember that massive earthquake that triggered a tsunami back in December 2004? Indonesia was badly hit, but that same disaster also swallowed two-thirds of Maldives and wiped out 20 of its pristine islands.


(Lonely Planet Images, Felix Hug)

Unless something drastic happens and for some miracle humans are able to find a solution to the worsening fight against global warming, Maldives could end up in history books as that paradise we once knew. 

You don’t have to give up an arm and a leg if you really dream of going to the Indian Ocean paradise. Below are a few budget tips to help bring you closer to your dream trip. 

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