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Ylona Garcia Had the Best Response to Bashers of Her Braless Selfie

Real breasts aren't perfectly symmetric, after all.
Ylona Garcia Had the Best Response to Bashers of Her Braless Selfie Real breasts aren't perfectly symmetric, after all.

Ylona Garcia has been hit by body-shamers since she uploaded a braless selfie on Facebook last June 29, 2020. Over the past weeks, her social media account has been littered with stinging comments about her boobs, calling them "lawlaw" (saggy) or "hindi pantay" (uneven).

Instead of taking offense, the 18-year-old teen star merely said such remarks reveal more about their personalities than anything else. Ylona told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) via a direct message on Instagram on Saturday, September 5:


"Beauty standards are influenced by age, environment, time, and culture. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. But in my opinion, I feel sorry for them. Giving comments especially about a person’s physicality, they’re basically judging a person based on their own standards.

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"We’re all created by God and I think we should be happy with what He’s blessed us with. If they cannot respect and appreciate God’s creation (including us, humans) then they’re just plain out disrespecting God."

Meanwhile, some Facebook users have rushed to the defense Ylona like Xyneah Lee reminding that every person is unique and body sizes are not all the same. The netizen wrote, "UNEVEN BREAST IS NORMAL, IF YOUR BOOBS IS 'LAWLAW' (saggy) THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT." (sic.)


In the midst of the brouhaha about her boobs, Ylona has remained unrattled. She said cooly, "All I can really do is just include those who think negatively of my body in my prayers hoping that in turn, they will not be subject to body shaming or any type of bullying. Will also be praying that they keep safe during these difficult times."

Ylona has also left an inspiring message to people being body-shamed. She said, "We cannot control what people will say to one another, either they praise you or rebuke you. But what we have control over is what we think about ourselves. God gave you the beautiful body you have, please be grateful, please love yourself and please spread love."

Ylona is currently riding out the COVID-19 pandemic in her hometown in Sydney, Australia, where her parents, Peter and Caridad Garcia, live. She recently had the internet buzzing after she uploaded a selfie on Instagram wearing her McDonald's service-crew uniform.


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