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Yassi Pressman's Reaction to Her "Toxic Plant" Shoot Is a Masterclass on Handling a Viral Gaffe with Grace

Yassi Pressman's Reaction to Her "Toxic Plant" Shoot Is a Masterclass on Handling a Viral Gaffe with Grace
She certainly didn't let the issue bring her down!

ICYMI, Yassi Pressman had the most stunning bathtub photoshoot last week, which went viral for the wrong reasons after netizens pointed out that she was in fact posing with a toxic plant locally known as "badjang."

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the plant, badjang or Elephant Ear is a tropical plant that has long been cultivated in the Philippines. You may have seen these growing in the wild, especially in the provinces, or you may even have one in your home. 

According to Dra. Christine B. Chio, the Medical Operation Manager of Avignon Clinic, elephant ear plants contain oxalic acid which may cause skin rash or irritation when exposed to the sap. Moreover, although the elephant ear plant is considered edible, if it isn’t cooked properly before eating, it can cause a tingly or burning sensation in the mouth or lips.

Many netizens reacted to her photo warning her of the possible negative side effects the plant may have on her skin. Especially since she was holding it across her bare torso. But as it turns out, Yassi is perfectly fine. She even had the funniest response to the comments. 

LOOK: Yassi Pressman Had a Humorous Response to Concerned Netizens About Her Viral Bathtub Shoot


While on the set of Yassi’s first ever sit-com Kurdapya, she posted a video of her posing with the badjang plant yet again. She wrote, “POV: You went viral because of your shoot with an apparently toxic plant. But [you] are [okay] because [you are] toxic too.” LOL!

Even fellow celebrities joined in on the fun, including David Guison and Ivana Alawi

On a serious note, Yassi also took time to address the comments about her shoot, appreciating her fans for the genuine concern and even poking a bit of at the virality of it. “Alam niyo sobra akong thankful kasi andami pong mga naging concerned po sa shoot namin. I do have this plant sa bahay namin, lagi rin ako naglilinis dun sa garden. Kaya thank God, okay po ako at safe po ako, so thank you. At least now I know and I’ll be a bit [safer]. I love you guys,” she said in the video. 

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Happy to see you smiling, Yassi! And might we add, you definitely handled this issue with grace.

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