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Yam Concepcion's Take on Her Career Rise Will Empower You to Make Bolder Choices

We stan this lady!
Yam Concepcion's Take on Her Career Rise Will Empower You to Make Bolder Choices

Mention the name Yam Concepcion and the first thing that comes to mind is her brilliant portrayal of mean queen Jade in ABS-CBN’s Halik. Viewers loved to hate her, and her performance drew a lot of attention. That being said, Yam's acting prowess has helped her earn the respect of both fans and peers.

However, her road to household fame wasn't as smooth as one would think. Yam makes it a point to push herself beyond her limits so she can continue paving her own path. Take cues from her most daring moves, which may just inspire you to try solo travel if you haven't yet:

1. Do what you love.

Breathing life into characters is what motivates Yam, and it clearly shows in her work. When making bold career choices, it always helps to find something that challenges your mind and fuels your soul. Your future self will thank you for that.

2. Be open to change.

To achieve your goals, you must always make room for improvement. Yam’s past projects have taught her to focus on refining her craft and fighting for her worth. Now she’s more than ready to thrive whatever role comes her way.

3. Don’t apologize for being different.

Instead of the usual bida route, Yam embraces the role of kontrabida by taking everything in stride. In an interview with Preview last year, Yam admitted: “I’m not gonna lie. Nung umpisa affected ako.” She insists that it’s merely a character she portrays, which is why she never once let haters get her down.

The result of her mindset: Her first award as Trending Actress at the Philippine Social Media Awards last year. “Nakakatawa nga eh, even in my speech I included, thank you to all my supporters and bashers,” she shared. Taking the road less traveled is a sign of growth. Even if your passions might be a little off kilter, don’t let naysayers halt you from reaching your potential.

With bolder risks to take, Yam isn't going to back down. She dares to get fresher with haircare that provides total scalp freshness, and fights against dandruff, itching, excess oil, dirt and residue.

Watch Yam’s #DareToGetFresher manifesto below:

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