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5 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Selfies

Accessories can make a huge difference.
5 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Selfies

Good selfies require more than just finding your light and knowing your angles. If you want to level up your FOTD game, you have to know how to pack a punch in one frame. Here are some ways to level up your selfies:

Include your accessories in your composition.

Don't take your accessories for granted-they can add a unique and memorable dimension to your photos. Many people settle for typically showing just earrings and necklaces, but you can be more creative than that. Are those sunnies part of your carefully curated OOTD? Wear them on your head. Does your new manicure come with crystals? Try bringing your hand closer to your face to show off your nails when you snap the photo.

Show a little bit of what you're wearing, too.

Stylish selfies should not look like ID photos. Go beyond your face and show off part of your outfit, too! We all know you worked hard to buy that designer top, so might as well include a sneak peek of it in your next snap, right?

Pose with your hands.

This goes hand in hand with the first two tips. It's so much easier to show off what you're wearing if you can include your hands in the photo. Really though, what good are those stacked gold rings if we can't even see your fingers? Check out these helpful tips if you're not sure where to start.

Experiment with angles.

It's not just about knowing which side of your face looks best, but also determining the best angle for your subject. Are you planning to show off the kitten heels you bought last night? Then perhaps instead of shooting just the shoes, wear them, stand on a carpet, and shoot from above. Alternatively, you can go for the no-fail mirror selfie-just make sure your phone looks stylish enough to be in the photo.

Take only excellent-quality photos.

Finally, remember: Details won't matter if they can't be captured in the best way possible. If you're using your phone, make sure your front-facing camera really delivers. Better yet, get a sleek and stylish phone with a wide display and high-quality cameras. The HONOR 10 Lite has a 24 MP front camera, a sleek and stylish design, and a notch screen so you can make the most out of reviewing those selfies and deciding which ones to upload.

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