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This Is the One Word Vogue Editors Want to Hear from Anna Wintour

This Is the One Word Vogue Editors Want to Hear from Anna Wintour
It makes them all breathe a sigh of relief.

Editors and designers all over the world can agree: It's no easy feat to impress Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. That's why a certain four-letter word holds a special meaning in the magazine's offices—and it's a special one that signifies that, yes, you must have done something right. What is it, you ask?

It's "AWOK."

Awoke? No, AWOK. Short for "Anna Wintour OK," it's the acronym that makes the wheels of Vogue offices go round. It's the word that the British editor writes on Post-its when she approves of something, a.k.a the most rewarding thumbs up ever.

"Whisper the phrase, 'You’ve been AWOK’d,' into the ear of an unsuspecting Vogue staffer, and he or she is likely to breathe a heavy sigh of relief, or maybe even bust out a happy dance, with hands raised in the air—just like our newly minted icon," Chioma Nnadi writes. She also shares that no one ever forgets their first AWOK, considering how incredibly meticulous the British editor is.


In fact, the word is so iconic in the magazine's HQ that it was included in their 125th anniversary sticker pack illustrated by Jean Jullien. So in case you needed more proof that words have power, here's your Anna Wintour-approved evidence.


Read more about it here.

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