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Why You Should See the World From Above

Got money to burn? Get your aviators on and take traveling to the #nextlevel.
Why You Should See the World From Above Got money to burn? Get your aviators on and take traveling to the #nextlevel.

You might think seeing the Taal Volcano, Mount Pinatubo and Corregidor isn't a big deal, but what if you could see them from above? Like, from thousands of feet up? Or are you hankering for a weekender in Punta Fuego or lunch in Antonio’s but too lazy to drive all the way to the south and back? Or maybe you’re just generally ballin’ and need to distance yourself from the hordes of cars clogging greater Manila’s streets? Get PhilJets on the phone, stat, and get on their helis—or choppers, if you’re so inclined. Their heli tours and AirTaxi services will take you heads above everybody else and guarantee eagle-eyed Instagram posts, the likes of which are seldom seen. And don’t even get me started on the Snaps.

We're kind of lusting over the Banaue Rice Terraces heli tour, which takes you straight to the Cordilleras in a fraction of the time it takes to drive up north. Imagine seeing all that natural majesty without hiking and getting your sneakers muddy—a dream come true for sedentary me (don’t judge). The Baler trip sounds awesome, too, for beach babes/surfer chicks looking to give their #surfbort some action. 

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You’ll be flying thousands of feet higher than everyone but you’ll also be thousands of pesos poorer, with a trip averaging more than P100,000 a pop, but if you divide this among six friends (the maximum number of passengers) looking to get some aerial thrill, it can definitely be done. 

Here’s a tip, though: This weekend, PhilJets has a Father’s Day promo with up to a 30% discount on trips to Manila, Corregidor, Tagaytay and more on June 18 and 19. Shell out and divvy up with the sibs because dad definitely deserves to be taken to greater heights, and if you can get some insane panoramic snaps while you’re at it, that’s just a wicked bonus. Don't forget your aviators!

You can contact PhilJets at charter @

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