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Who Is Sophia Laforteza? 10 Things to Know About the Filipina Contender in "The Debut: Dream Academy"

Keep an eye out for this rising star!
Who Is Sophia Laforteza? 10 Things to Know About the Filipina Contender in "The Debut: Dream Academy"
Keep an eye out for this rising star!

K-pop entertainment giant HYBE, in collaboration with Universal Music Group subsidiary Geffen Records, is creating their first-ever global girl group sensation with their upcoming audition program The Debut: Dream Academy. 

The series, which will be streamed on YouTube starting on September 1, 2023, will follow the audition and development process of the international girl group using the K-pop training system. 

Out of over 120,000 international candidates, only 20 were chosen to compete in the program, and Filipina Sophia Laforteza happens to be one of the lucky ones vying for a spot in this groundbreaking music group.

who is Sophia Laforteza

Many Pinoy K-pop stans are already showing support for Sophia Laforteza and have high hopes that she’ll be the first Filipino to be part of a girl group under HYBE. Want to know more about the rising star? Here are 10 things you should know about her: 

Who Is Sophia Laforteza? 10 Things About the Filipina Contender in "The Debut: Dream Academy"

1. She’s a Capricorn.

Sophia Laforteza was born on December 31, 2002, making her a Capricorn. Known to be very persistent, determined, and driven, Sophia is staying true to her Capricorn traits. 

2. She’s one of the oldest contestants on the show.

While 20 years old is considered quite a young age for many of us, Sophia happens to be one of the older contestants in the audition program, with the age of the contestants ranging from 14 to 21 years old.

3. She has many nicknames.

In a recent Instagram post, Sophia revealed that she goes by various endearing nicknames, including Sophie, Fifi, and Sopheezy, giving her fans a glimpse into her playful personality.


4. She was born to be a star.

Sophia Laforteza is the daughter of renowned singer and actress Carla Guevara and Newport World Resorts, Casa Buenas executive chef Godfrey Laforteza. Sophia also happens to be the only daughter among three siblings.

5. She’s an academic achiever.

Sophia is not just a talented performer; she's also academically accomplished. She graduated from the Multiple Intelligence International School in Quezon City with several awards last June 2021.

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6. She’s a K-pop fan.

As expected, Sophia is a K-pop fan and it shows. Just take a look at her Instagram and TikTok accounts and you’ll find her showcasing her love for groups like BTS, TXT, Le Serraffim, and Red Velvet.


7. She’s a Taehyung stan.

Every K-pop stan has their bias, and assuming from her Instagram stories, it looks like Sophia's bias is BTS' Kim Taehyung, also known as V.

8. She’s a pet lover.

Sophia owns a chow chow named Charlie and a cat named Wonie. You’ll often find her two fur babies making guest appearances in her Tiktok videos.

9. She’s friends with Leon Barretto and Lorin Gutierrez.

Sophia Laforteza went to the same school as Leon Barretto, the younger brother of well-known Philippine showbiz personalities Julia, Dani, and Claudia Barretto. She also posted this adorable photo of her with a young Leon and Lorin Gutierrez on Instagram.


10. She’s got exceptional talent.

To witness Sophia's extraordinary singing and dancing talents, one need only visit her TikTok or Instagram accounts. Her dedication, coupled with her talent and skill, makes it abundantly clear that she’s got exactly what it takes to secure a spot in HYBE's historic first international girl group.

Voting starts tomorrow, September 1, on TikTok and the WeVerse app. Let's support our fellow Pinoy! 

Good luck Sophia! We’re rooting for you.

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