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White Rabbit Candy-Flavored Milk Exists and Here's Where to Buy

Great news, '90s kids!
White Rabbit Candy-Flavored Milk Exists and Here's Where to Buy
IMAGE White Rabbit
Great news, '90s kids!

If, like us, you loved candies growing up (because who didn’t?), then our latest discovery might just hit you with nostalgia and spark some instant joy at the same time. Remember White Rabbit? Yes, we mean the soft and chewy milk-flavored candy that we were all obsessed with back in the ‘90s! Apparently, the sweet treat now comes in beverage form, and it’s sure to bring back some precious childhood memories. Introducing the White Rabbit Candy-Flavored Milk!

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white rabbit candy-flavored milk
PHOTO BY White Rabbit

Whether you’re looking to quench your nostalgic thirst or you’re simply a fan of sweet milk, this creamy blend inspired by the childhood favorite White Rabbit won’t disappoint. It comes in the same exact flavor you used to love, so it’s the perfect drink for a trip down memory lane.

white rabbit candy-flavored milk
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Now, let’s move on to the important question: Where to buy it? Well, the White Rabbit candy-flavored milk used to be available only in China, but many resellers have already brought it to our local shores. Go Grill Mart in Quezon City (yes, the Instagrammable pink-themed grocery store!) has it stocked in their shelves, but if you don’t live near the area or would rather stay home and order it online, Hong Kong House (P60) and Level Five (P70) also offer delivery within Metro Manila.

Oh, and by the way, we're sure it tastes like your sweet childhood, but each 200ml carton is said to contain 40 calories more than your average glass of milk. So just like what your mama used to say, don’t overdo it!

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