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Which Kardashian App Is for You?

Which Kardashian App Is for You? Choose among Kim's, Khloe's, Kendall's or Kylie's.

The task of picking the right Kardashian app to download can be quite daunting. You think the easy answer would be to download them all. Wrong! You’ll only get sucked into a black hole as big as Kim’s badonk-a-donk with no way out. Then, you’ll think: “Hmm, what if I resist the temptation and be totally hipster by not downloading?” Wrong again! The curiosity will just haunt you the same way Kylie’s lips did.

To help you finally decide, we weigh in on each to help you find the perfect Kardashian app for you to download. Choose between Kim's, Khloe's, Kendall's or Kylie's.


As younger sister Kylie describes it, “It’s cookie-cutter clean.” The easy to use interface certainly makes Kim’s app very user friendly as she shares everything from style and beauty tips including little bits from baby North.

Download if: You’re a cool mom and not a “regular” mom.



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Khloe gets a 4-star rating on the app store with people either super loving it or super hating it. While those who dig it find her uncensored, filter-free content to be very #real and relatable, others find that there’s still something lacking in her content like giving users access to her house, sharing recipes and more lifestyle-driven content.

Download if: You’re into wearing makeup at the gym.




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If the app store existed during the time when Kate Moss ruled the runway, Kendall’s app would probably be something similar to what Kate could have had. Here, she takes you backstage and behind the scenes of runway shows and photo shoots while also giving you style tips on how to score her model-off-duty look.

Download if: You’re the modelizer type.




Despite bagging a 3-star rating on the app store, Kylie dominates the Kardashian apps with hers being reviewed at least twice as many times as all of her sisters’ combined. What’s her secret? She keeps it uncensored posting everything single candid detail she claims she would never post in a million years or at least the ones she won't share publicly on Instagram. Perhaps it’s this exclusivity that makes it so worth buying into.

Download if: Your guilty pleasure is stalking Kylie’s Snapchat and Instagram. 


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