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Here's Where the Word "Voguing" Really Came From

Throwing shade has never looked this good.
Here's Where the Word "Voguing" Really Came From
Throwing shade has never looked this good.

Before you say anything, no, voguing did not originate from that one Madonna song. It's quite the opposite actually; it was the pop star who took inspiration from the 1970s dance movement to create her '90s cultural hit. Characterized by boxy, rigid movements executed in a graceful motion, the dance was borne from the different fashion poses off of the covers of Vogue Magazine, hence, the name "voguing."

In addition to that, as mentioned in Paris is Burning, a 1990 documentary, voguing was also an "extension of throwing shade." Meaning, before passive aggressive Twitter subtweets existed, people who had beef with each other actually settled their differences on the dance floor. (Definitely more entertaining than the online backstabbing and bickering of today, if you ask us.) But there's a lot more to the theatrical sophisticated dance than just duking out your problems. For the LGBT community, voguing is a form of empowerment and self-expression. 


How exactly? Watch the full video below to find out.

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