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Here's Where to Shop for Vegan-Friendly Groceries Online

Thinking of switching to a healthier diet this new year?
Here's Where to Shop for Vegan-Friendly Groceries Online
IMAGE instagram/thesuperfoodgrocer, thegoodchoicesph
Thinking of switching to a healthier diet this new year?

It’s no doubt that vegan diets have become popular. The likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and so many other celebs have already made the switch! They've done it for a multitude of convincing reasons like a healthier lifestyle and a better mental mindset, which is why it's always so intriguing to rethink our eating habits, especially now, at the turn of a new year.

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That said, it's no secret that a vegan diet is hard to achieve in the Philippines, considering that not a lot of supermarkets stock plant-based products. But that changes now. If you’re thinking of switching to a plant-based diet (with the consent and advise of your dietician, of course!) then we’ve rounded up a few Instagram shops that will make your vegan switch easier for you.

For all-around vegan groceries

The Superfood Grocer

The Superfood Grocer offers beyond meat to even a plant-based alternative of chicken breast! Get ready to find snacks that are both healthy and yummy!

PHOTO BY instagram/thesuperfoodgrocer

The Vegan Grocer

The Vegan Grocer has everything you can think of! They’ll make your switch way easier than it should be. 

PHOTO BY instagram/thevegangrocerph
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For plant-based meats

The Good Choices

The Good Choices offers the plant-based versions of our favorite meats like tocino and yes, even sisig! They make sure you’re not missing out any of the foods you love and will make your switch way easier! 

PHOTO BY instagram/thegoodchoicesph

For ice cream

Super Scoops

Because you just can’t let go of ice cream, Super Scoops has you covered with their locally-made vegan ice cream! Their products are dairy-free and they use fresh coconut milk instead.

PHOTO BY instagram/superscoopsdairyfree
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