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7 Vanity Mirrors to Shop for Your Bedroom's Glam Corner

7 Vanity Mirrors to Shop for Your Bedroom's Glam Corner
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There are options for small spaces, too!

A vanity area is never complete without a mirror, but if you want yours to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, then it might be time to upgrade to something a little more modern. Instead of having just reflective glass in your space, for one, you can shop for a vanity mirror that also doubles as its own light source. Not only will it make putting on your makeup easier, you won't have to worry about having a good lighting for taking self-portraits either!

Here are seven kinds of vanity mirrors to consider for your home:

1. Glamcor Riki Skinny

This portable and rechargeable makeup mirror is slim and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling and small vanity areas. It has five different lighting modes for easy adjustment, and comes with a magnetic phone clip and bluetooth capabilities that'll make taking selfies a breeze.

GLAMCOR Riki Skinny, P10,800,

2. Glamcor Riki Tall

Standing at 28 inches, the Riki Tall is a functional find for larger spaces. Like the Riki Skinny, it has five-stage lighting and bluetooth capabilities, except the Tall can be controlled with a remote control and comes with a handy magnifying mirror attachment.


GLAMCOR Riki Tall, P26,000,

3. Suesh Vanity Mirror with 12 Dimmable LED Lights

This vanity mirror has 12 bulbs that can switch between warm and white light. The stand is also adjustable, so the user can easily tilt it to suit your perfect viewing angle.




SUESH Vanity Mirror with 12 Dimmable LED Lights, P4500,

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4. Gladking Dream Room Vanity

This standing mirror's design has a vintage powder room feel that'll suit a minimalist interior. It can be displayed on a vanity table, or mounted on a wall with the built-in hooks.

GLADKING Dream Room Vanity, P7500,

5. Donnab Belle Vanity Mirror

If you want to save space without sacrificing quality, this 18 by 20-inch makeup mirror is perfect for you. With a total of six lightbulbs, it can mimic the effect of a larger light source without taking over your entire table.


DONNAB BELLE Vanity Mirror, P2899,

6. Gladking Touch Screen Dim Light Mirror

Unlike your typical handheld mirror, this budget-friendly device lights up through a touch screen mechanism. It also has three lighting tones: yellow light, daylight, and cool white.

GLADKING Touch Screen Dim Light Mirror, P300,

7. Gladking Vanity Trolley

Makeup hobbyists will love this vanity trolley that comes with a sizable mirror and decent beauty lighting. It's the ultimate travel-friendly kit that's subtle enough to be displayed in your home as well.

GLADKING Vanity Trolley, P8500,

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