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What It's Like to Have 20 Seconds with Cole Sprouse

He's a really smart guy!
What It's Like to Have 20 Seconds with Cole Sprouse
He's a really smart guy!

Cole Sprouse is not the guy you see on Riverdale. Sure, the same mysterious aura is there, but the real Cole? Infinitely better than his television persona. 

During a presson with Bench's newest global ambassador, I got the chance to see the actor in the flesh and here's what I learned:  

1. He's smart. 

Like, really smart. As a graduate of New York University with a bachelor's degree in Archaeology, the child actor delivered his interview answers with a side of substance. 

Case in point: when asked about his advice for aspiring photographers, he replied, "Get the worst camera you can imagine as your first camera. Get the Hello Kitty camera you find at the antique store, the one that has a little Hello Kitty stamp on the bottom of every film roll, and just shoot with that. All the time. Let it inform the next camera you get." He finished off with, "The same goes with any artistic discipline, this is not exclusive to photography this is something that anything you approach you just need to be practicing all the time."  


2. He's really funny. 

The day before the presscon, the actor spent his time traipsing around Binondo in a white tank top and jeans. 

When asked about that, he said, "Right. My ankles were out, it was a real romantic affair." He then continued on to say, "It's just been a process of me consuming unholy amounts of food since I've been here, which has been great."

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Cole Sprouse food tripping in a tank top and blue jeans? Sounds like a date! 

3. He's stylish.   

He arrived wearing a plain white tee paired with black denims and topped it off with a denim jacket in a dark wash. The outfit was so, so simple, but he wore the look with tons of attitude.


IMAGE Janey Aniban Rivera

4. He's artistic.

The moment he opened his mouth to answer questions on photography and acting, you could immediately sense his passion for both disciplines. When asked if he would choose one over the other, he replied, "I don't necessarily think the two are divided. I also think, in most cases, photography is one of those things that's a natural catalyst for something like directing and for other outlets, which I think is kind of the natural progression of the two disciplines being followed."


And oh so accommodating. We had around twenty seconds to catch his attention before he had to leave. As he was walking towards the end of the crowd (where I was), I took a chance and said, "Cole, can I have a picture with you?" He immediately said yes, walked over to me, and gamely posed for my selfie. 



After which, needless to say, I melted into a puddle of mush and proceeded to post the said selfie on every social media channel under my name. 

Great seeing you, Cole! Come back soon! 

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