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10 Things Guys Need to Know About Fashion Girls

10 Things Guys Need to Know About Fashion Girls They like making you take their photos.

1. They have one million gay friends.

Well, not exactly, but chances are if a fashion girl is not hanging out with her girl squad, she probably has an entourage of fabulous gays to keep her company. No competition, bros! But sometimes, due to their omnipresence, it feels like they are the gatekeepers to her soul.

2. They like making you take their photos.

Fashion gals will ask you to take their picture at some point in your friendship and they'll certainly judge you (and tell you to do it again) if you shoot like poop. In fact, “I want a photographer boyfriend,” may or may not be an actual quote this author has heard. 

3. There is no such thing as "underdressed" for them.

If a fashion girl tells you there’s no need to dress up for something, then… dress up.

4. It is easy to stalk fashion girls.

Fashion girls like posting almost everything on the gram. One can often find all her pictures on her own social media accounts or in her tagged photos. If you’re so inclined, you might even be able to unearth LOOKBOOKS that they’ve forgotten to delete after their misguided days of youth.


5. Other girls (and guys) judge fashion girls a lot.

Misguided dudes and dudettes will refer to fashion girls as mababaw and maarte with varying degrees of sincerity. If you happen to know actual fashion girls, you must decide whether to play along or defend your lady friends.

6. Not all fashion girls are popular.

Sometimes we come across fashion girls who are more reclusive and conservative, and being a fashion girl is like a dress they take off after work. These “reluctant fashion girls” are rare! Like non-XXL shirts on the last day of a Topman sale.

7. Fashion girls actually eat.

watch now

They may foodstagram the daintiest portions, but they aren’t immune to the fatty charms of fast food–and they don’t always leave half the meal on their plates! 

8. Fashion girls are nice, too!

It’s probably natural reflex for guys to look at a clique of fashion girls as a gathering of ice queens, but approach in your best non-rapist manner and they can be a genuinely accommodating bunch. If you’re still scared of being judged or something, it’s probably your subconscious admitting that you’ve dressed like an idiot.

9. Fashion girls dress weird sometimes.

Sometimes they wear oddly baggy things or weird hats or things that give 100% chair-to-back skin contact. Sometimes they wear shorts so tiny that it gets you wondering if there’s anything below their tops–wait, that’s not weird; it’s actually okay with us. 

10. Fashion girls are HIGH MAINTENANCE.



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