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9 Chic Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Go for something useful!
9 Chic Wedding Souvenir Ideas
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Go for something useful!

Wedding season has arrived. As hectic as wedding planning can be, choosing the perfect gift to give to your loved ones who attended is always exciting. When thinking of gifts, it’s always better (and wiser) to go for something useful and season-appropriate. Whether it’s for the entourage or for the guests, a unique and special token should represent the special occasion and symbolize the union of not just the two people as partners but of every family who’s connected by blood or by heart. Extending your best makes guests feel special and emphasizes the grandeur of the celebration. So pull yourself and your loved ones out of the atrocious, dull, and expensive cycle of consumer frenzy. Our tip? Two words: Fun and functional.

End your special day on a high note. Here’s a list of unique but chic wedding souvenirs your guests are sure to love.


1. Mini succulents 

It’s always a good idea to spread the love for nature. And what better way to do that than by giving away small plants, like succulents, that aren’t too complicated to take care of. Succulents have been inarguably a very popular plant and seems to grow in popularity each year. They come in many unique shapes, colors, textures and features. Each has its own qualities and their exquisite beauty is seen in their amazing range. Not only that, they also transform in color under different lighting conditions—about any color from the brightest orange to the darkest purple. Their fascinating shapes are endless; some are shaped like rocks, while others trail and grow a couple of feet long. Succulents can survive for quite some time in harsh conditions given that there’s proper care. Roses and other cut flower arrangements are great, but succulents have so much more variety and diversity. 


2. Mugs and coasters

Mugs are always a good and useful option for wedding guests. Mugs keep your drink hot and the handle won’t burn your fingers, they’re convenient to use, and can be customized with hundreds of ways from the material to its style. And what goes best with mugs? Coasters. They aren’t just a disposable piece of cork material anymore. Not one person would want their table top be marked so this is a cute way to bring that pop of color to your afternoon coffee while keeping the table mark-free. Together, they can be rather important pieces of your home’s decorative and functional plan. With new materials, new technology, and countless ways to style and customize, they can become as unique as possible. This is what you call a match made in heaven.

3. Tea infusers

Loose tea leaves can be a bugger to use for tea when there are no infusers or small strainers around. This allows to steep full-leaf loose or ground tea leaves instead of using the tea bags with which many are familiar. It holds them together and keeps leaves from floating freely through the beverage. Your guests may not be tea drinkers but who knows, having given them these cute tea infusers might make them want to drink more tea. Like what the Mad Hatter said in Alice in Wonderland, “Yes, that’s it! It’s always tea time.” …Coffee who? 


4. Bath sets

Everything’s a cause of stress these days. The city traffic, personal issues, fear, and uncertainty, to name a few. What better way to show that you care for them by handing out bath sets that are made with natural ingredients and of course, love. With personalized gifts, guests feel that you know them well for you to actually curate a gift for them. Obviously, organic, and handmade bath sets aren’t just good for you, they’re also Instagrammable AF. There are many ways to de-stress in this life—and relaxing your body is definitely one of them. Furthermore, soaking up in a hot bath stabilizes one’s mood and helps in calming one down during the roughest of days. 

5. Scotch glass and flask set 

Spirit glasses are an important part of any home barware collection. While other spirits, such as vodka and tequila, can be poured into any old tumbler, true scotch traditionally calls for something more upscale. This particular set contains one scotch glass for your scotch whether neat or on the rocks (or even whiskey) and a flask for on-the-go drinking. Home bar or no home bar, every person must own at least one of this scotch glass and flask set. That’s why you will never go wrong with this understated and relaxed choice for your guests. 


6. Mini terrarium 

Having a nature-themed outdoor wedding? Tie it all up together by giving away mini versions of Mother Nature to your guests. Like succulents, terrariums are once again gaining popularity with homeowners, gardeners, and millennials. Entirely handmade and carefully put together, these mini terrariums add that missing touch of green and brightens up anyone’s interior. Think of it as an indoor garden in a sealed container. Terrariums are self-nourishing therefore they are low-maintenance, are known to increase productivity and creativity, and simply beautiful to look at. They are also a great alternative to grow plants in low or no-light environments. 

7. Artisan chocolates

Food is its own experience. We all love something delicious. So who says all giveaways have to be keepsake materials? Chocolate wedding favors are the ultimate crowdpleaser. What makes this particular brand stand out from the rest is their marriage of unique flavors like green mango and salt, dark chocolate with labuyo, milk chocolate with adobo, and more. While chocolate bars aren't a new wedding favor idea, they are perfect to give away because it mitigates the heart and cheers the spirit. That comes from the fact that chomping on a bar discharges serotonin in the body which lifts one up on a positive energy. And let’s not forget the fact that it’s healthy. Unquestionably, mouths will water and stomachs will growl at the sight of these delectable bars. 


8. Pressed flower accessories 

The last thing we all want to do is to clutter our guests homes with presents that we think are nice to give but just end up on their storage collecting dust. So, instead of foisting your guests with ready-to-buy gifts, how about giving something personal and heartfelt to your bridesmaids? Let them know you love and care for them by giving dainty accessories from pressed flowers that are definitely unique, and of course, handmade.

9. Sweet treats 

Make your wedding day even sweeter and make your guests sugar high by giving away boxes of sweet treats. Not just one particular treat, but a variety of treats carefully placed in a box. There’s always joy in seeing guests’ face light up as they get handed a box housing mini-donuts, sugar cookies, hand-painted macarons, meringues and marshmallows. Additionally, these tasty takeaways are so beautifully presented, your loved ones will want to take more home.



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