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9 Wedding Invitation Suppliers in Metro Manila

Get in touch with them for your big day!
9 Wedding Invitation Suppliers in Metro Manila
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Get in touch with them for your big day!

When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the things you definitely shouldn’t overlook is the invitation. Although e-invites are seen to be progressive and environmentally friendly, there is still some significance in going the traditional route and printing them out. First of all, your wedding invitation already sets the tone and theme of the wedding—from the material used, to the visuals and the word descriptions, so your guests already know what to expect. It’s so important that videographers still take time to incorporate wedding invitations in their same-day-edit videos.

Secondly, if you’re expecting older guests, they’re likely not as tech-savvy as younger generations are, and they would be relying on information to be received from a printed invitation that’s handed in person.

Third, there’s no doubt that printed invitations still have that personalized touch—guests would undoubtedly feel more special receiving an invitation in person with their name on it instead of opening it over e-mail. This is especially handy to keep in mind for your principal sponsors.


Ready to start planning your invitations? We put together a list of some of the best wedding invitation suppliers and stationers in Metro Manila.

1. Ink Scribbler

If you’ve been constantly checking Pinterest for your wedding mood board, you may recognize Ink Scribbler, a calligraphy and design studio that provides handwritten and digital services especially for weddings. They’ve done a number of invitations for high-profile nuptials, including Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero's!

They offer two design packages: either you avail their bespoke services, or pick from their current collection. Ink Scribbler also does invitations for other events such as anniversaries, debuts, birthdays, baptisms, and other personal affairs.

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2. 101 Folk Street

If you envision detailed illustrations in your invitation, check out 101 Folk Street, who specializes in handmade and intricate graphics. Founded in 2014, this invitation company has been making environmentally friendly wedding invitations and other stationery. Beginning with big and vibrant floral patterns, the studio’s style has seemed to grow to include more contemporary designs like textured edges, minimalist illustrations, and pencil art. 101 Folk Street still runs its studio at home, giving that intimate and personalized touch for each couple’s invitations. Their glowing reviews on Facebook should be enough proof that their former clients absolutely love them.


3. Invitation House

If you think you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to wedding invitation designs, wait until you get to see Invitation House, which has a total of 48 fresh, vibrant, and exciting designs at your disposal that’s perfect for the fun and stylish bride. Aside from invitations, they also offer offers a variety of distinct and personalized wedding invitations, notecards, horizontal and vertical folded cards, gift tags, wine tags, photo cards, notepads and journals—perfect for giveaways and keepsakes not just for weddings but for other events as well.


4. Printcafe

If you’ve always envisioned a letterpress wedding invitation, look no further than Printcafe. Known for working with different techniques with paper and print, Printcafe will surely deliver your dream invitations in all its beautifully embossed glory. While seen more on modern styles, Printcafe’s invitation styles will also work well with the more traditional set.


5. Printsonalities

You can never go wrong with one of the classics. Printsonalities has been around since the 1980s; it's had high-profile and celebrity clients under its belt. Even though they’ve been around for a while, they’ve known how to keep up with the times and make their offerings competitive. Having trouble with wording? The studio’s extensive experience will guide you with etiquette-approved invitations.


6. The Invitation Co.

Looking for a studio that can offer a full range of services? The Invitation Co. offers a particularly wide range of designs in different colors, weights, and textures so you can decide on an invitation template that’s completely and uniquely yours. For over 10 years, the invitation company has continued to become a popular choice for soon-to-wed couples. The Invitation Co. applies various printing techniques to create your one-of-a-kind invite such as laser-cutting, foil stamping, and embossing, to name a few.


7. Ever Engraving

Remember Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro’s adorable comic book-themed wedding invite? While Saab personally designed the invitation with her friend, she tapped Ever Engraving to print out her vision in picture-perfect quality for her guests. Ever Engraving has been around as a stationery company since 1957, and has since grown to offer different printing needs today. For its invitations, the company can employ various techniques such as laser cutting, foil stamping, engraving, letterpress, and digital invitations.

8. Print Divas

Run by best friends Charisse and Ther, Print Divas has been known for their original take on their invitation projects, which involves striking designs and bold details. They have something for every kind of bride and wedding, whether you’re traditional, modern, whimsical, romantic, or sophisticated. Print Divas guarantees you will find the perfect invitation and will make you feel like an absolute diva for your wedding day.


9. Neonovelties

Also another invitation company, Neonovelties offers several printing options for your special day. While they specialize in calligraphy, they can also do letterpress, die cutting, foil stamping, and more. Aside from invitations, they can also do custom stationery designs, in case you wanted to make a cohesive visual set for your wedding—from the save-the-dates to thank-you notes and other keepsakes!


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