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10 Wedding Hosts to Book for a Memorable Reception

Leave it to the pros to keep the party going!
10 Wedding Hosts to Book for a Memorable Reception
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jcalelis, karen kabuhat
Leave it to the pros to keep the party going!

When all has been said and done and you've finally uttered your much-awaited "I dos," the next stop on your wedding agenda is to enjoy your newlywed bliss along with your closest family and friends. When it comes to your reception, your number one priority is simply to have fun, without having to stress about any blunders, mishaps, or unruly guests. While your wedding coordinator can ensure a stress-free evening, you’ll also need a charismatic host to command the room and keep the party alive—preferably someone who can also handle any type of crowd or unexpected situation with patience, grace, and flair.

To help you in your search for the perfect emcee, we list down our top 10 quality picks below!

1. Sam YG

Possibly the most well-known on this list, Sam YG is a radio and TV personality popular for his various hosting gigs and hilarious comedic timing. He’s definitely the guy for your wedding reception if you’re up for a good time and wouldn’t mind laughing at his fair share of adult-only jokes.

2. JC Alelis

JC Alelis’ approach to hosting is all about connecting with his audience. He started hosting events professionally way back in 2010 for corporate events before transitioning to wedding hosting. “I've hosted hundreds of weddings in the last few years, working with some of the best wedding coordinators and suppliers in the country. Contrary to what you might think, it doesn't just take an overactive mouth to successfully entertain a room full of wedding guests,” JC writes on his official website. Eloquent with an inviting and authoritative tone, JC isn’t just about energetic monologues and witty quips, he can also navigate your party’s varying dynamics with “ease and flair,” and has the ability to gracefully adjust to any given situation or atmosphere.


3. RJ Ledesma

With over 30 years of hosting under his belt, RJ Ledesma is the veteran master of ceremonies who knows exactly what he's doing, having been the emcee for countless events including weddings, anniversaries, debuts, awarding ceremonies, corporate and lifestyle events, and more. But here's the kicker, he's not just a host. RJ also happens to be the Vice Consul of Monaco to the Philippines—an impressive and hefty title that must involve grace and sophistication when it comes to communicating with other people, something RJ translates into his hosting gigs. Described as witty, charming, humorous, and a classy showman, RJ's the guy for your lighthearted yet sophisticated wedding reception. 

4. Karen Kabuhat

A host who knows exactly how to interact with the crowd can surely deliver an entertaining and lively evening. Take it from Karen Kabuhat. Perky and charming, she has been in the hosting business since 2007. With 10 years of experience doing corporate events and eight years of experience working in the wedding scene, she’s flexible and knows how to adjust to any type of crowd she’s faced with. You can visit Karen’s website to learn more about her and her full portfolio!

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5. Justin Quirino

For a smooth, seamless show, why not book Justin Quirino? Also a vlogger and DJ jock for 99.5 Play FM, he’s guaranteed to be easy on the ears and can definitely keep up a light and entertaining kind of banter to keep his audience engaged—after all, he is trained to keep from having zero dead air. Plus, as a former Candy Cutie, he’s pretty easy on the eyes, too! As part of his list of credentials, Justin has hosted for Miss Universe, and singer and vlogger Janine Vela’s debut. Watch the video below to see Justin in action at Janina’s 18th birthday party.

6. Moxx de Vera

Moxx de Vera’s high-energy hosting is a sure hit if you’re searching for an emcee who can keep the party alive the whole night. With his hosting skills described to be “classy, fun, yet natural,” his soothing voice and unfettered, engaging personality will surely help to make your wedding reception a fun and memorable one. Aside from hosting, Moxx is also a voice artist and a motivational speaker. With his range of experience and talent, your party’s sure to never have a dull moment with him moderating.

7. Eri Neeman

For couples in search of a quick-witted charming host who also happens to be a pro at improvizing jokes as the night moves along, look no further than Eri Neeman. Having been a stand-up comedian for seven years, Eri’s a natural at livening up any party and delivering sharp jokes to entertain the crowd. With his more than 10 years of experience as a wedding host, he’s also knowledgeable enough about the wedding business, so much so that he has a YouTube channel where more than half of his content is dedicated to discussing all things wedding—from proper wedding etiquette, to the first song that plays after your thank you speech, and even how the venue lighting affects your guests. You just know this guy is dedicated to his craft and won’t let you down.


To leanr more about Eri, you may visit his website, here!

8. Atom Ungson

If you want to keep your reception formal and sophisticated, with just the right touch of intelligent humor, Atom Ungson is the host for you. If the testimonials on his official website are any indication, Atom’s a charming gentleman that you’ll easily get along with. With over 10 years in the wedding hosting industry, his unwavering commanding energy is sure to keep you and all your guests engaged throughout the night. He also promises to make your big day entertaining and fun, all the while drawing out the right emotions to make your special night memorable. Oh, and did we mention he can double as a wedding singer, too?

9. KC Montero

Celebrity host and actor KC Montero is smooth, quick on his feet, and loves to rile up a room with laughter. He also happens to be a veteran in the hosting game—not just with weddings but particularly with beauty pageants as well, having hosted so many of them in the past. With his meaty repertoire, including hosting the wedding receptions of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, and Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford, KC's a skilled pro that you can definitely trust to keep the party going.

10. Max Tiu

Having been a wedding emcee for the past 22 years, Max Tiu is definitely a veteran to the hosting game. Humorous without the need to be vulgar and effortlessly spontaneous, he knows exactly how to keep the show running despite any mishap that may be thrown his way. His impressive credentials include hosting for the gorgeous Balesin wedding of Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero, as well as for Janella Salvador’s debut, alongside well-known TV host Robi Domingo. A bonus: He also happens to be fluent in English, Mandarin, Fukien, and Filipino!

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