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Denver of "Money Heist" Reveals How He Feels About the Release of Season 4 Amid COVID-19

Preview spoke to actor Jaime Lorente from the hit Netflix show.
Denver of "Money Heist" Reveals How He Feels About the Release of Season 4 Amid COVID-19
IMAGE Netflix/Money Heist
Preview spoke to actor Jaime Lorente from the hit Netflix show.

Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, is nothing short of an adrenalizing global sensation. It’s the biggest non-English show on Netflix with a pretty dedicated international fan base: Alvaro Morte, who plays the heist mastermind “Professor,” was shocked to discover that people have actually gotten tattoos of his face. I guess that’s one way to know your show is a success!

The fourth season debuted on April 1, nearly a year after season three closed its curtains with an extreme cliffhanger. It’s a formula that seems to work, though: Season four ends in a similarly cutthroat way, and binge-fresh fans are already clamoring for the fifth.  

Jaime Lorente—who plays Denver in the show—phoned in from his home in Spain for a video interview with Preview. After showing off his super-cute cat, he talked about the release of the fourth season and what he hoped it would do for audiences during these pressing times.


“There's a great expectation for this [fourth season], both for the fans and in itself,” he said. “Unfortunately, we will be releasing it in a context where people are confined because of what’s happening around the world. I hope things were different. But, in [these] times of confinement, everything that culture and the entertainment world can somehow release will be [beyond] welcome, to alleviate the [situation],” he added.

“Well, taking into account all the sadness of everything that's happening, I'm glad that the work we did was filled with so much love. It's great if we can entertain people a little bit more in their homes,” he said.

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The show’s Spanish name, La Casa de Papel (which translates to "the house of money") refers to its central premise: An intellectual recluse named Professor enlists eight skilled criminals to break into the Royal Mint of Spain in order to print a crisp harvest of 2.4 billion euros. To keep the police from intervening, they take 67 hostages and pledge to hurt no one. Fans should be familiar with the interpretations of Money Heist as a subversive allegory of rebellion against a capitalist system.

Needless to say, this season of Money Heist was released to a world under crisis—to enshelled viewers who are, by way of a surreal parallel, held hostage by an unseen virus that threatens to subvert economic stability and hijack systems, as it were. When jestingly asked how he would spend the money if he were to rob a bank, Jaime said he would "use the money for some sort of social cause." He also said he would have a theatre built, seeing as stage acting is his first love. "I would also open up that theater [as a site] for [COVID-19 vaccine] research," he added.


Spain has since replaced Italy as the European nation most gravely affected by the pandemic. They currently stand behind the United States as the most-hit in the world with 141,942 total cases, of which there have been 14,045 deaths and 43,208 recoveries.

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