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We Spotted Deadpool Hanging Out with Celebrities at the GoodVybes Music Festival

All the photos here.
We Spotted Deadpool Hanging Out with Celebrities at the GoodVybes Music Festival All the photos here.

Last Saturday, February 20, 2016, GoodVybes kicked off the music festival season with a bang. How so? Scroll down for the highlights of the event. 

The weather was perfectly breezy and slightly chilly just as we hoped it would be. 


Aside from a bunch of stylish music fest goers and celebrities you will see in our gallery below, we also spotted Deadpool.  Yes, as in the Marvel superhero in the movie you just saw, in his red spandex enjoying the good music just as much as the crowd. How we wish it was Ryan Reynolds underneath that suit. 

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The fun started way before sunset, but the crowd really started gathering when Oh Wonder, the London-based duo started performing. The two shared that this was their first time in Asia and that they never imagined that their music was appreciated on this side of the world. Aww.

At 10pm, the much-awaited Scottish band, Chvrches finally gave the crowd the music they were yearning for. This is not their first time in the Philippines but they did share that this was a special event as they get to share it the stage with Passion Pit. Lauren said that the last time they were together for a show was ages ago. 


At midnight, Passion Pit finally graced the main stage. They, of course, slayed the performance. The crowd just couldn't get enough of them that they had to go back for an encore. 

Our style camera was working hard the whole night looking for stylish individuals who dressed and impressed. Launch the gallery to see celebrities, bloggers, models, and fashionistas who caught our attention. 


Photos by Charles Rodulfo

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