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We Asked Celebrities for the Best Items They've Had Delivered During Quarantine

Relaxing indoor plants? Yes please!
We Asked Celebrities for the Best Items They've Had Delivered During Quarantine
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jascurtissmith, maxcollinsofficial, spruceplantshop
Relaxing indoor plants? Yes please!

Amid the COVID-19 crisis we've unwittingly fallen into the thriving age of delivery services. The longer we spend stuck at home, the more we find ourselves relying on stores that can provide us with vital products brought straight to our doorsteps. That said, we asked a few celebrities and influencers on the best items available for delivery during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, some of which hadn't even crossed our minds to order online. We each have different needs, after all. Read up on their answers below from hat shields, comforting succulents, to Korean grocery items, and more,

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

“My best delivery this ECQ are the hat shields I got from Rocco [Nacino]. It gives an extra layer of protection so that I really don’t get tempted to touch my face while I'm out for my grocery trips!”


Max Collins

“Indoor plants from Spruce Plant Shop! They’ve been helping me deal with anxiety. I ordered different varieties of small plants and scattered them all over the house. They’re so relaxing to look at!”

Bea Soriano-Dee 

“I got a Hurom juicer and lots of fresh fruits and veggies from FAST and Fruit Loot. FAST has really yummy kale and lots of veggie options."

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Issa Pressman

“Food! But not from a restaurant or anything. I’m talking about the food we get from our neighbors! All three of ‘em surrounding our lot, we send stuff over to them too. It became a quarantine thing among us."

Maris Racal 

“So far, I’ve never experienced delays with Rare Food Shop. Their prices are quite affordable considering the quality of their meat.”


Dra. Vicki Belo

“The best thing we’ve had delivered would probably be the bed from Magniflex. Since our schedule has been off, we were eating on our bed in our room, and then we started having bed bugs. I was getting bitten everywhere, and Scarlet got really bad bites on her face. We even took the bed out into the sun, and vacuum cleaned it, but the bed bugs wouldn’t go away, so we had to order a new bed. Between the first and second lockdown, our village gave us 2 days to deliver stuff. When it arrived we were so happy because we can finally sleep well again on the bed, and it was so nice and firm.”


Lissa Kahayon

“ A shaver for our dogs. Since pet grooming is closed during quarantine, we had to learn how to cut out dogs’ hair, because can you just imagine how they’re feeling given the Manila heat? But kawawa also because we have no idea how to cut or groom them properly, so we had to get a shaver online!”

“Another best thing I had delivered is a tripod. Mine broke before the ECQ but I’m still trying to create content at home, so a tripod is definitely a must!” 

Patricia Prieto

“There's a Korean grocery in the area I live in called ASSI, and they deliver. I can buy anything from instant noodles, juices and snacks!”

Shaira Luna

“We didn't really have too much delivered, except for groceries. We're so grateful for the Walter Mart delivery service, because it lessened the trips that had to be taken to the markets.”


Janeena Chan

"I enjoyed KKO KKO korean fried chicken, their kimchi, teokbokis and food in general! And also Tim Ho Wan. The Ramen Nagi DIY ramen kits are great too!

Ruru Madrid

"I think yung mga workout equipment like mga resistance bands and yoga mat."

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